Publications Angelica Artemyevoy

Any mother watches with pleasure as her baby grows and develops. And you always want him to crawl quickly, sit down, learn to walk, talk. The article describes how to teach a child to sit, and when he should begin to teach this.
Physical activity is an indispensable condition for those who want to lose weight. And if, for some reason, sports are not possible, then walking comes to the rescue. The article tells how and how much to go to lose weight.
The article describes how to arrange a child in kindergarten, what documents are needed, who can write a statement about the child being admitted to a kindergarten and which medical specialists need to go to get help.
Educational courses are an interesting and cost-effective type of business, but not everyone knows how to open courses. The article describes what documents are needed, what specific training is better to choose, etc.
Domain ru - one of the most popular in Russia, and thosewho takes the first steps in site building, often the question arises how to create a website on ru, how to register it and whether it can be done without material investments.
Chinese cuisine is popular all over the world. It is unusual for European taste, refined and useful. In this article, you can learn the basic recipes of how to cook Peking duck - the most popular and most delicious Chinese dish.
But here you met Him. Yes, exactly, with a capital letter. He is handsome, smart, gallant and generally the best guy in the world. Therefore, it should be fascinated from the first second of acquaintance. How to impress a guy so that the potential “victim” does not suspect anything?
Birthday for children is one of the most beloved holidays that are eagerly awaited and from which special, interesting and unusual events are expected. And to make the holiday even brighter, you can not miss a single detail. You need to think over the gifts, the menu, and how to decorate the children's birthday.
The article describes what empathy is, whether it is possible to develop empathy or this feeling is exclusively innate, as well as what types and degrees of empathy psychologists distinguish.
Divination on the runes - very popular, and hardly anyone has heard of this method of prediction. However, not everyone knows what the runes are, what they mean when and where the first runes appeared.