Publications of Roman Zhdanov

����������������What to replace the starch? The starch is over, the guests are on the way, and the treats are not yet ready. Simple proven tips for good housewives. Why run to the store if you can replace?
����������������How to print a map? Sometimes this need arises, you need to be ready for it. For example, you are going out of town for fishing or vacation, and there is no map of the area. How to be? Now find out.
����������������Many of us periodically want to make some inquiries regarding the tariff and services on your mobile, or rather, to find out what services are connected. MTS is a popular operator, we will learn about the features of providing services by this provider, as well as find out how to turn off unnecessary paid services. ������������
����������������The subject of our article is the all-Russian mobile operator Megafon. What services are connected is the eternal question of subscribers, the company does not hesitate to impose extra paid services to its subscribers. How to disable them? Today we will find out.
����������������How nice to get flowers from a beloved man.And if these flowers were yellow? Why give yellow roses? Rejoice or grieve? Should I believe the signs? Reasoning on the topic.
����������������How to make kunai out of paper? The article provides step-by-step instructions for making paper kuna. Learn how to make kunai and surprise others with your skill.
����������������Almost everyone has a tonometer at home, but not everyone wondered, on which hand to measure the pressure? Today we will introduce you to the rules for measuring pressure, and also teach you the basic methods of working with a tonometer. ������������
����������������Nature has prepared for us a lot of incredible objects - high mountains, huge ridges, deserts, impassable forests, amazing lakes and much more. Today we will talk about a small lake and find out what the depth of the White Lake is. Amazing small lake located in the Vologda region.
����������������On which banknote Yaroslavl? We will reveal all the secrets of the banknote, and also we will tell all its history and we will describe all three modifications. What is in the main figure? When is a banknote taken out of circulation?
����������������Can I mix gasoline? A very topical issue that worries every third motorist.Is it safe for the engine and what can it cause? Now we will understand.