Rauchtopaz - an unusual and bright stone

Do you know what mineral Buddhist monks call the Buddha stone, oriental magicians use to enter trance, and Hindus use it to purify negative energy? We are talking about smoky quartz or rauchtopaze.

In addition to the magical qualities, this stone has a mysterious and bright appearance, not inferior to the precious brethren in elegance and luxury. That is why it is extremely popular in jewelry, transforming into wonderful jewelry. What are the healing and "magical" properties of rauchtopaz, and who will suit this extraordinary mineral?


Although many jewelers continue to argue about the precious category of smoky quartz, at the moment it is considered a semi-precious crystalline mineral. The stone has a wide range of colors: from light gray to dark brown, almost black. At the same time, from different refraction of sunlight, rauchtopaz can change color, shimmering with greenish and violet sparks.Regardless of the type, the characteristic feature of this quartz is smoky color, bright shine with golden tint and perfect transparency.

Interestingly, in nature there are huge specimens of the mineral, reaching a weight of a couple of tons and volume - more than a meter. Despite its dense structure, it is a rather fragile stone, requiring a special approach to processing.


About the magical power of smoky quartz was known in ancient Tibet, where it was used for immersion in the superconsciousness, purification of the mind, liberation from negative thoughts and opening doors to other realities. In the 19th century, the stone was often used by dark magicians and sorcerers to damage and establish contact with the deceased, having received the image of a "black" amulet. Although the mineral continues to be the strongest talisman of dark forces, today the spectrum of its magical effects is much wider.

So, using rauchtopaz you can:

  • drive away evil spirits and increase your own magical power, having the opportunity to "see" the future through dreams;
  • activate vitality and channel energy into the right direction;
  • attract success and luck, especially in new cases;
  • get rid of aggressive moods, anger, jealousy and anger;
  • normalize the energy potential in the body, redirecting the "surplus" to the places of energy "failures";
  • Reach Nirvana and learn the secrets of other people and the universe.

Untreated stones of darker shades are believed to have the greatest magic power. Having no experience and the necessary knowledge, it is not recommended to use rauchtopas in “homemade” magic, as it has indomitable power and ability to distort reality.

Healer Stone

Smoky quartz is widely used in traditional medicine. With it you can:

  • Improve mental health, get rid of stress and suicidal thoughts, get rid of depression and nervous over-stimulation. If you have a difficult conversation or an unpleasant event, it is recommended to take a rauchtopaz to the meeting, holding it in your hand.
  • Get rid of tobacco, drug and alcohol addiction. It is noted that the mineral itself gives the owner a certain euphoric effect, thereby reducing the need for additional stimulation.
  • Increase sexual desire and restore reproductive function in both sexes.
  • Strengthen the immune system and stabilize the function of the endocrine system.
  • Get rid of frequent headaches and migraine headaches;
  • Normalize the liver, pancreas and adrenal glands.

Restrictions on carrying

Despite the truly unique characteristics of rauchtopaz, it is not for everyone. For people who are weak and lazy, who prefer to live in a world of illusions and who are easily influenced by others, smoky quartz can do more harm than good. But a creative person who is looking for himself or an active person in need of peace of mind should get an amulet or a decoration from this mineral.

Given the powerful energy of the stone, not every zodiac sign can “make friends” with it. Ideally, the rauchtopaz is suitable for a strong and calm Capricorn, which easily directs the magical effect in a positive direction. Quartz will also take root quite well in Libra, adding to them the lack of internal balance and tranquility.

But the fire signs: Sagittarius, Leo and Aries should not wear rauchtopaz. The fact is that the representatives of this element are characterized by innate impulsiveness, which is in constant conflict with the pacifying energy of the stone.

Also, it is better to refuse to wear the mineral to Cancers, which are characterized by emotional instability and susceptibility to unnecessary fantasies.

Even if according to all characteristics rauchtopaz suits you, you should not wear it all the time. For a positive effect, quite a few hours a day.

For everyday use, it is better to give preference to ornaments made of gray and brown stone, because dark minerals are a frequent choice of magicians. It is good if your ring or earrings are framed with silver. In this case, their positive energy will multiply many times.

As you can see, rauchtopaz is a truly unusual stone, the correct and metered use of which will help not only to decorate the look, but also to make life calmer and brighter.

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