The ritual of wearing the guard "Red thread"

One of the first famous personalities who put a red thread on their wrist was the singer Madonna. This was not just another trend of high fashion and not trivial fun, but the desire to protect oneself from the evil eye. According to the esoteric belief of the Judaists - Kabbalah, this amulet is a very strong energy symbol and allows you to protect those who carry it from negative influence and achieve success in various endeavors.

Red threadBelief it says that a very close, beloved person must necessarily tie a thread on his wrist. It is believed that thanks to this person will be able to get magical abilities. The bracelet on the red thread - a barrier to bad thoughts, evil intentions and envious glances. not without reason, many of the media personalities claim that the teaching helped them to achieve such dizzying successes, to become more confident. Over time, an increasing number of people began to follow the teachings of the Jews, but not every one of them will be able to explain what this guardian actually carries in itself, and why it should be worn.

Followers of the Kabbalistic doctrine believe that the “gate” for penetrating a person’s body and soul of a bad energy is the left hand. And it is with the left wrist that the desire of people to achieve success in their activities, to start any significant business is connected. After the red thread is put on your hand, it will scare away evil spirits coming from other people. It is necessary to acquire a charm in sacred places, otherwise it will not have such power. The ideal option is Jerusalem.

You can also wear this amulet on your right hand. But in this case it has a slightly different meaning. Seeing the thread on the right wrist of a young girl, we can safely assume that she is not yet married. Some Slavic peoples are convinced that the thread on the right hand brings good luck to life, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. However, a more meaningful meaning with a magical meaning is not common among Christians.

There is a downside to the medal associated with the ritual of wearing the thread. A person wearing it contrasts himself with Orthodoxy, since the ritual itself does not imply its distribution among people with Christian beliefs.Orthodox do not relate very well to Kabbalah, considering this teaching to be occult. Orthodox priests, seeing people entering the temple with red threads on their wrist, force them to take pictures, as this indicates a connection and a conspiracy with fallen creatures.

Of course, you can tie this rope on your hand without religious meaning and not involve close people to tie. The red thread on the wrist favorably affects the movement of blood in the vessels, promotes the fastest tightening of wounds and cuts, removes irritation and damage. It is not connected with magic, just wool is a resource of low static electricity, which produces such an effect. It is important that the material is completely natural, and then you can forget what is the aches, headaches and toothache. Wool will help the body to get stronger, put in order the blood circulation, eliminate back pain. Therefore, if you notice any malfunctions in the work of your body, without hesitation tie a scarlet amulet on your hand, and soon you will feel how much you have become better.

As for the color of this thread, here each faith preaches its legends.For example, for Buddhists this is not necessarily red, you can use both blue and green threads. But Kabbalists color is strictly red, because it is the color of the planet Mars. And it is this planet that is symbolized with power, protection and protection.

If you rely on the magical properties of the amulet, then its independent setting will not save you from bad influence. And if you want to wear it with the purpose of cure or just for beauty, then you can do it yourself and on any hand. But the most important thing is the belief in the action of the amulet, the deliverance from bad thoughts. If the thread is torn, it means that she took on a sufficient amount of negative, and in this case you just need to thank her for the help and burn. And if you constantly feel the need for protection, the thread can be worn for life.