Replacing handles on a bag

In our time to buy a new handbag is very simple. Huge selection of expensive leather to cheap textiles. But there are situations when it is very a pity to abandon your favorite bag only because it has become useless pens, and in the repair shop they advise to throw it away. Then you need to equip yourself with tools and patience. And repair the bag with your own hands. So, here is our client. Very original, although made of leatherette.
Replacing the pens on the bag
The main thing is to choose the right material for the original color and texture. This handbag is lucky. We found the tops of old Finnish boots made of genuine leather of a suitable color. Handles made of genuine leather will last for several years, and most likely, alas, will survive the handbag itself. Determine the length and cut the workpiece of the desired size. There will be four of them. Two for the top of the handle and two for the bottom. The top blanks should be 4 cm on each side longer than the bottom blanks.We cut the skin with a cutter on a wooden board with the help of an iron ruler, having previously drawn a pattern on the core (wrong side of the skin).
 Determine the length and cut
There are different models of pens. It is necessary to take into account which bag we repair. In this case, the summer handbag, with decorations, is designed for going on walks and does not imply large loads. Therefore, the handles can be made very simply by connecting the lower and upper end-to-end parts. If it is assumed that the bag is sometimes very seriously loaded, you need to make stronger handles and use a different model and technology. Now we need to firmly connect the top and bottom parts. Use the usual double-sided tape. It will give strength to the product and facilitate the stitching process.
 firmly connect the upper and lower details
You need to choose the right color for the thread .
 pick matching threads by color
Now we tie together the parts glued together with tape. We do this carefully, without haste, so that the line looks perfect. This will determine the final result. Stitch the blanks along the perimeter. The knots are melted with a lighter, then the line will not be dissolved. The photo clearly shows the melted nodules.
 Leather sew
Leather sew on special machines. Household machines often refuse to sew the skin (do not promote the material, the toothed rack scratches it from the bottom). Therefore, it is better to first try on a small piece, how your machine will react. I sewed these pens very easily, my Janome was favorable this time. And if you do not want to ... right, we'll make it! I open a very useful secret to you: THE SKIN AND THE SKIN SUSHING ANY MACHINE ... (only - no one) ... you just need to lightly lubricate the skin on both sides with cream, you can use hand cream. By the way, such Podolsk hand-held machines and Singer old women sew well, and without any cream! Insert one end of the blank into the ring of the bag, fold it and sew it on the typewriter, you can even double it. If the foot of the machine doesn’t allow you to otstrochit so close, then we sew everything from beginning to end, and then slightly open the rings and put the handles on them.Here you will need help from a friend.
Repeat the procedure 3 more times, and the bag as new!
pens are ready
Replacing pens on the bag