Sausage in the grid: the stars who wear clothes that do not fit

Some celebrities miss not only when choosing the design of the dress, but also when choosing the size!

Why would a rich and beautiful woman with millions of fans around the world wear a tight outfit from which charms literally come up? This paradox remains a mystery to us! But no, in actual fact everything is extremely simple ... It is no secret to anyone that girls go to all the tricks only in order to be even more attractive and stunning.

However, the fact remains: celebrities - and among them there are quite decent and decent ladies - risking their image and prestige, cram themselves into ugly and, apparently, uncomfortable things. And all for what? To seem slimmer! In general, the stupidity of the highest category!

Record holder for this kind of images can be called Kim Kardashian. True, the poor thing goes to extremes is not entirely their fault. The fact is that impressive buttocks are not placed in all dresses and trousers. The star even has to sew outfits for individual measurements.But this fact does not change reality: some dresses are stretched on Kim with difficulty, and it is difficult not to notice.

The victim of circumstances can also be called the Russian "analog" Kim, Anastasia Kvitko. It seems that the girl still can not find a bikini in size. Judging by her Instagram, the search for a normal swimsuit continues: in every second shot, the star of social networks is adorned in a tiny bra, barely fit into a huge chest.

There are those who wear small clothes on purpose. These women either deceive themselves without noticing the obvious, or try to deceive others. Priyanka Chopra somehow came to the Oscar in a luxurious white dress-bust. All anything, but the outfit was clearly small in the chest, and she literally flowed out of the décolleté. The same mistake was made by Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Natasha Koroleva.

But Britney Spears went the other way. She just donned a dress of three or four sizes smaller and showed the whole world how ugly a bust can look if pressed against a transparent fabric.