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What function do they generally perform and is it necessary for all employers to enter into contracts with them? Or is it optional? Are their services expensive?

My daughter is a student. Moved to the second course. She even before these holidays said she wanted to go to work. But we decided to postpone the work. She doesn’t calm down, she is delirious with the idea of ​​getting a job next year, and she wants to go abroad.

To open an office of psychology, you need to rent an hourly office. Rent at all for a couple of hours offices? Or just for a month? I do not need a cabinet every day

For a children's clothing store, we are looking for suppliers to buy wholesale clothing. Tell me where you can save a little and get cheaper, but you need good quality

And what documents are needed for registration, where to get the list, so as not to miss anything? Need originals or copies enough?

I have a supplier base, I am thinking about opening my own shop) has anyone opened it? what difficulties did you encounter?

Recently, I am the owner of a small flower shop.Now there was a question about the need to purchase refrigeration equipment for flowers. But where to get it? In stores nowhere

I want to ask for help from the organizers of joint purchases, as well as to those who can share the contacts of suppliers of women's clothing in bulk. I want to take a chance and try to roll up my savings, I think to start selling women's dresses and accessories.

Hello! Already that year, the feeling of "ceiling" and professional burnout does not leave me. But I cannot decide to change jobs, especially now there is a crisis, and changing jobs is not the most favorable time, but I have a white salary and stability.


Hello! All my life I wanted to succeed in work, career, but apparently chose the wrong business, or I am such an average worker. The results are average and, as a result, the work has become a burden.