Share construction or how to save money on buying an apartment in Krasnodar

Choosing a dream apartment

New buildings in the center of Krasnodar - a welcome acquisition for anyone looking for or planning to buy a new home. In any part of the city you can see the new high-rise buildings under construction. Some buyers prefer to go around the areas, to see with their own eyes what and at what stage of the construction is and what advantages the newly built building has. During the selection of an apartment on the Internet or in the catalog it is impossible to check whether the asphalt was laid on the pedestrian walkway to the nearest transport stop or whether there is enough space in the yard for walking pets. Such details can be assessed only while on site.

Sale of new buildings in Krasnodar is a huge business. Houses can be brick or panel, independent (which is rare) or be part of a residential complex.Choosing an apartment in the residential complex, you can count on a parking space, playground, garden or school nearby. The administration of the region is actively working to attract developers to equip neighborhoods with social facilities. The layouts of apartments in the new buildings of Krasnodar can be completely different: from the usual studios or “vests” to fancy, and sometimes not too comfortable for housing configurations. If the arrangement of the rooms does not suit you completely, but other conditions are suitable, you can make redevelopment during the repair.

The price of a one-room apartment in Krasnodar in a new building depends on its location in the city, the quality of construction and the number of square meters. Having a fixed amount can save on the area, but to win in the amount of housing, or vice versa. If you are very lucky, you can become the owner of the living space, suitable in all respects, for a reasonable price. But, responding to too tempting offers, you risk falling into the hands of adventurers. You can learn more from the local on the forum about new buildings in the Kuban.

How to protect yourself from scammers

The most relevant and honest source of information is the forum, the course of construction on it is discussed by thousands of participants: co-investors and buyers of finished apartments.In the sections of the forum you can find tips on choosing housing, a description of the problems and advantages of each of the districts or districts. On the site, users talk about their personal experiences with developers and realtors. Real estate review forums are not accidentally so popular. In sections there are also commercial branches. If you are looking for comfortable housing in all ways, then the forum will become an assistant. At the same site you have the opportunity to clarify the reliability of the seller from people who have already bought square meters.


New buildings of Krasnodar at the prices of the developer - a profitable acquisition. After you become the owners of the cherished keys will only organize the move. In this situation, the forum can help you again. In the section on household affairs it is easy to find offers of help from carriers and cleaning services, and in the branch for new settlers you will find your neighbors and gather a company to celebrate the move!