Sharon Stone will not marry a young boyfriend

Sharon Stone has already visited the altar twice and does not think that she needs a third one. Now the 60-year-old actress meets with Italian businessman Angelo Boff, who is 20 years younger than her, a man would be happy if Sharon would become his wife, but Stone herself believes that events are moving too fast. Back in March, the paparazzi noticed on the ring finger of the actress a large diamond ring and immediately decided that Sharon’s third wedding was not far off, but the other day she had replayed everything in her own way.

“She wants to leave everything as it is,” a source told Radar Online. “Angelo completely lost her head, but Sharon canceled all the preparations for the wedding and even asked him to leave to have more personal space.” The last divorce was very hard for her, and she doesn’t want this story to repeat, doesn’t want to hurry anywhere. ”