Shchedrivki - ritual songs with sacred meaning

Shchedrivki - ritual songs with sacred meaningToday, shredrivki perform not so in order to wish the owners of good and prosperity, and to get sweets or money. Traditionally they do it in a generous evening - January 13th. Often, children on their doorstep can be found on December 31 or January 1. A hundred years ago everything was completely different. Sharedriks in the Ukrainian language performed a mythical function. It was believed that those people to whom the generous borders would not come to, would not be carried all year. The cow will produce little milk, a bad harvest will rise on the field, the cattle will be sick.

The Sacred Meaning of Generosity

In the texts of ritual songs laid a deep sacred meaning. They are glorified by Jesus, the image of the mother, the elderly. With the help of generosises, we can better understand the traditions and culture of our ancestors, who lived during the times of Kievan Rus and early Christianity. Analyzing the lyrics, you can see how the society passed from the glorification of the greatness of their princes to the worship of religious symbols.

The generosity of early Christianity is a song in which gospel prayers are combined with Christian rites, stories, folk life and beliefs. It has a high artistic value. Most often, the image of mother, mercy, justice, diligence is glorified in her.

Modern rituals and rassdivki

In order to perform the ceremony of generosity, you need to follow a few important rules.

  • Generous bosses should go to relatives and neighbors with kutya. This dish is prepared not only for Christmas, but also for the New Year. When preparing it, you should put love in the dish, remember loved ones and mentally wish them happiness. Traditionally, kutyu is prepared not with rice, but with wheat.
  • It is necessary to learn some generosities in Russian or Ukrainian.
  • Go to homes after sunset, but before midnight.
  • You should take the millet with you and sow it in your home. Thus, you wish them well-being and material prosperity.

Do not forget the owners that a bad sign is not to let the little generous homes to his house. They need to thank generously.Candy, fruit or money - the traditional gratitude of modern people.

Schedrik dobry,

Shchedrivki in Ukrainian

In Russia, you can often hear the generosity in the Ukrainian language. After all, this language is very melodic, and any song on it pleases the ear.
Schedrik dobry,
Thou shalt not breach,
Crasche give mlintsya,
Sob vzem oseledtsya,
Scho is a generous girl
That pampushka,
Scho nd generous,
That th varenik.

Schedrik dobry,

Oh rumor, any goat,
De there trumpet to buzz
Itself there zlaz mlintsi pechat
That and we sing singly.
Khazyaїнnіde, possession,
First thing -
Minochka buckwheat,
Other belongings -
Мірочка жита,
Third item -
Sieve voivs,
That th generous all!
For tsi generous -
Around the Sausage,
А з цієї мови
Be healthy!

Schedrik dobry,

If your child knows nothing about rites and traditions, hurry to tell him. Studying with him generosity, explain their meaning and meaning. It is important that the baby not only remembers the meaning, but also tries to wish goodness and prosperity to the relatives with the help of a song. Start exploring the ritual bounty a few weeks before the holiday. Then your friends will be admired by the crumbs and generously reward him. The child will be able to pass on the learned generosity in decades to his children.