Signs of love

Some of you, of course, will say that love defies any explanation, much less feature. Maybe I will upset you, but it is not. A person who experiences a true feeling cannot not give himself away, for the simple reason that he is changing internally, such strong emotions cannot but affect behavior. The main thing is to be able to notice it. There are signs of love, by which you can know for sure that someone is not indifferent.

First signs of love

Sign one: Frequent meetings

Look more closely, perhaps the same person is abnormally frequent? Wherever you are, he or she, every now and then, flashes before your eyes? Everything is simple - a loving person always wants to see the object of his passion, he wants to be closer, as close as possible. If you once loved, you will understand this craving.

Symptom Two: Eye to Eye

Even if you are not alone, you are worth a whole group, this person often looks into your eyes. He can make some kind of speech, but still he secretly looks into your eyes, because he wants to know how you feel now that you think about what he or she has said. The lovers, addressing everyone, can ask a specific question to the person they love.Signs of love in men agree on this and those signs that women show. May we be very different and so that they would not talk about the fact that the female gender knows how to love more, do not believe it! I myself personally know a man who loves to the fullest and his feelings are not inferior to our female ones. And if there is one such, then there are others.

Sign Three: Pleasant Moments

If we love, we wish our loved ones only the best. We cannot allow them to suffer. Want to know if a certain person likes you? Signs of love guy can be recognized by the way he tries to please you, to provide any service, starting with an outstretched hand, when you get out of transport, ending with more serious services. You can even check, ask him about something, for example, put a summary to you, you will see - he will come running in no time, while an indifferent person will find a hundred reasons not to get up from his seat when you ask for something.

The girls, in turn, are also trying to somehow “light up”. She will write you off on the exam and will not forget to call in the evening, to say that tomorrow at work since the morning meeting.You will immediately feel the care and warmth from her, because she will want to take care of you in everything. The boy in love is trying to make the girl complements. He will always notice that today the color of your shadows is not the same as it was yesterday, and the dress today is a little shorter than before. He does not look like everyone else, you are special to him!

Sign Four: Common Interests

Only he (she) finds out that you like, for example, tennis, as soon you will notice him (her) in training on this kind of sport. You will say that you like the horrors, she will immediately notice that she loves them too (although not the fact that this is true). Only he will hear that you go to the cinema exclusively to melodramas, “quite by accident” it turns out that he is an obvious exception from all the guys and also loves to watch romantic films. Signs of love girls and guys in this again converge.

Second signs of love

Here, finally, there was your touching meeting with declarations of love. You are together and it seems that you are not threatened with separation. All your shortcomings are perceived as something absolutely not serious and even sweet. So some time passes and, unfortunately, everything changes. The same shortcomings turn into a reason for scandal, everything that used to unite you so much turns out to be completely unimportant. How now to make sure that he (she) loves you, as before?


Our beloved people are definitely the closest and closest souls to us. Only with them do we take off the masks that we are used to wearing in society, only with them do we feel real. We can laugh with a big laugh, and we can weep inconsolably, we are not ashamed of them. We can even afford rudeness and lack of restraint, because we know them almost thoroughly.

So, you approached each other so much that now there is no point in playing old games, in those that were interesting to both of you, when you only showed sympathy for each other. Your love has become deeper, it has not disappeared, as the vast majority of girls think. "He used to carry me in his arms, but now he may not be completely correct with me ..." Familiar phrase? Do not be afraid, you just are very close to him and he opened his soul to you.


Often we cease to understand what jealousy is. A sign of love or distrust? There can be no definite answer here, because we are all individual. Some people cling to the object of their love in such a way that they are ready to be jealous of a tree, while others constantly check something and then recheck it again and again in a circle.Even if your beloved (beloved) is jealous of you from those motives that are afraid of being deceived, think, would he (she) behave in the same way if he had not experienced such feelings towards you? I think no. The main thing is to keep the golden mean, and jealousy does not cross the border.


Perhaps your man stopped so often to say warm words to you, maybe the romance became a little less, but you know that behind him you are like a stone wall? Do you feel that at that moment, when you need his help, he will be there and do everything for you? If not, you chose the wrong person. If so, what other evidence of his love do you need?

Men! Yes, it is possible that sometimes she starts nagging you in something. But such is the feminine essence, she just very much wants you all to be well. Look, with what trepidation she caresses your shirt, how carefully she hangs it on a chair. As trying with all his might to have time to come earlier from work to prepare you a delicious hot dinner. There are hundreds of such moments. Yes, these are trifles, but together they form a big bright word “I love you!”. And you can be sure that when you need help, it will come out of your skin, but it will make you feel good.

Wife, girlfriend, mistress, mother, lover (female attribute)

Want to know the main signs of a woman's love? Yes, first of all, she is a wife. She can talk with you about something for hours, she will support and understand, you can relax and have fun with her, because she is your best friend. Who, no matter how she, will cook you the most exquisite dishes, keep the house in order and ensure that washing does not accumulate? She is the mistress! Of course, if you do wrong, she will devour you. But if you get sick, she will not move away from you, with all your desire, until you recover. And you will recover, thanks to her efforts. How is it like your mother, is not it? Besides all this, that she is able to get up in bed! But you don’t forget about it. Combine all these signs and realize that she is ready to give her life for you!

Never confuse love and love. These are completely different concepts. Primary symptoms can often be attributed to love, but it will not go further than them. If you have repeatedly convinced that your spouse really loves you, less indulge in doubts. Let's create together a world where love rules everything, we wish each other the greatest happiness, where even jealousy is a sign of love!