Simple paper roses

Materials and tools:

  1. A4 paper;
  2. water, vinegar;
  3. food coloring;
  4. glue;
  5. scissors;
  6. chopsticks or pencil.

Step 1

Color the paper. First, take a glass of water, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 5 drops of food coloring to it, mix everything up and pour it into the sink with water (or basin), where we will paint the paper. Put the paper in the water for about 30 seconds, then put it somewhere to dry. For a multicolored bouquet you will need: 2 pink, 2 blue, 2 purple, 2 yellow, 2 orange, 5 green sheets of paper.

Step 2

When the paper is completely dry, take 3 green leaves and fold each sheet first in half, then in half again, when we unfold the sheet, it turns out that it is divided into 4 equal parts - we will cut the sheet into these 4 parts. We will do this with all 3 sheets, in the end we get 12 strips.Roll the strip around the stick (pencil), then twist the strip into a tube and fix the bottom corner with glue. Repeat this with all the stripes and get 12 stems of flowers.

Step 3

Making rose petals - take a sheet of paper and fold 4 times in half, you will get a 12-layer rectangle, now without expanding the rectangle, cut the shape of the petal through all the layers. Let's take a stick and slightly “scroll” the petals, leave one petal as it is.

Step 4

Collect the flower. Wrap the non-folded petal around the stem and glue it to the stem. Now we will begin to glue the rest of the petals to the stem until you are satisfied with the fullness of the rosebud - optimally about 9-12 petals per rose. Repeat the same with other roses. The entire bouquet of paper roses is ready, put them in a vase and sprinkle with perfume.