Sims: how to become a fairy?

Finally, for all Sims lovers, a new part of The Sims 3 has been released: Supernatural. The most striking element, or more correctly, a character who was not in the previous parts of the game, can be identified as fairies.

Fairies are considered one of the most beautiful and elegant characters in the game. They are nature lovers and can not imagine their life without entertainment and fun games. But still they should be feared, because these creatures, despite the playfulness and prettiness, are rather eccentric creatures. You can enjoy the magical aura of the fairies, and after a minute be a victim, thanks to her cunning tricks. It became interesting to you and you began to remember or thought about what characters were in the game Sims 2, how to become a fairy, now we will understand.

Becoming a fairy

Now we will try to understand what features and capabilities are present in the characters of the game. And most importantly, let's figure it out in Sims, how to become a fairy. In order to become this cute character, there are several ways to transform:

  • One of the ways to become a fairy is considered to be the �Magic Blessing� elixir. Everything is simple, you need to drink this elixir and you will turn into this pretty character.Elixir can be obtained by purchasing it in the alchemical shop, or by creating it yourself, but this will be possible only when the tenth level of alchemy is reached.
  • There is a possibility, not very big, but still, when you are looking for a fairy in the arboretum, you can turn into it yourself. In this case, you can get a special quest, in the event that give consent to his reincarnation.
  • And finally we got to the simplest way of becoming a fairy. This is character creation in CAS (character creation room). Here the new version of the game allows us to choose the race directly in it.

It should be remembered that whatever the choice for the transformation from an ordinary character into a fairy, it will in no way affect skinton or other genetics. The main difference between the usual Sim and the fairies are considered only the wings that appear after your reincarnation. Everything else is the same, as before, if you, of course, do not want to change the lifestyle of the character or his style.

Fairy Abilities

Many believe that after reincarnation into a fairy, they will immediately begin to work wonders and use their magical abilities at any opportunity, but this is far from being the case.So that you can achieve the best abilities, you will need to constantly develop a skill called "Fairy Magic." This skill greatly influences the character's abilities, and, of course, allows you to successfully perform various magic draws. In order to develop your abilities, you must perform any actions that are directly or indirectly related to fairy magic.

Interesting facts about fairies

  • Regular characters live 5 times less than fairies
  • �Your mother is a firefly� - such a ridiculous insult can be applied to fairies
  • The fairy has the opportunity to give the usual sim bank of magic pollen, with which he can fly for 20 hours
  • Fairies can show off to other fairies with their wings.
  • If a character receives the �Fairy Queen� award, he will be able to change the look of his wings or call any fairies around the area naturally familiar
  • With the help of a can of magic dust, you can treat the ills of a zombie, for this you just need to go to the section �Use on another�

Here, now you know who the fairies are and what they can do. And now you will not have a question about the game Sim3, how to become a fairy.Make it pretty simple.