Cup holder "Fieldchamomile"

True, nice when the table is beautifully decorated? Even a simple tea-drinking can be much more pleasant and give a good mood for the whole day, if the table is decorated beautifully, and under the cup there is a nice and warming soul stand. Making such a stand is not difficult, and today I will teach you this. What is required to make one stand for the hot:
  • Yarn of three colors. One color for the chamomile core, the second for the daisy petals and the third color for the background on which the chamomile will lie.
  • A hook for knitting suitable for the thickness of a yarn of size.
  • Scissors.
 Yarn of three colors
We start to knit the stand with the manufacture of the core. Knit six single crochets on Amigurumi loop, tighten. We knit two more rows with additions to make this yellow pancake. 4/836-nachinaem-vyazat-podstavku.jpg "alt =" Start knitting stand "title =" Start knitting stand "> Now startcreate the petals of our chamomile. Knit four double crochet, two in each lower column. Then we make an air loop and repeat the double crochet. So knit to the end of this series.
 create the petals of our chamomile
The next row is the thread you have chosen for the background. Pink thread is not cut off. We knit four air loops and in the place where in the past there was one air loop, we pass the hook into the row column, which is out of the yellow thread, pull the thread and end the column. It turns out such a column with an elongated loop. So we knit to the end of the row. Do not cut the black thread.
 We carry out the next row by thread
The next row is similar to the previous row of pink thread. Only now, instead of four double crochets, we knit five already, the air loop is still one.
 a row of pink thread
Again we perform row of threads for background. He also knits, only now we knit a column with an elongated loop not into a yellow thread,and a column of the last row of threads for the background.
 perform a row of thread for the background
Now knit a third row of pink thread. Double crochets are now six, and there are two air loops. Again we make a row of thread for the background. Columns with an elongated loop now knit two in one column of the bottom row of the thread for the background. The fourth row of pink thread is different from the rest. We still knit posts with crochets, only now they all knit in the middle column of six of the previous row of pink. Between each semicircular group we knit two air loops.
 knit a third row of pink thread
After you finish the row, you can cut off the pink thread, now we will knit only with a black background thread. We tie in a circle a row of black color, which is under the last row of pink thread. Between every two petals, we make the corner additions to make the stand square. However - this is to your taste, you can completely make the stand round, then do not do corner additions and just knit rows with extensions,until you reach the desired size of the stand.
 Stand for Hot
It turns out such a cute and cute stand for hot. Drinking tea from a mug that will stand on such a daisy will become much more pleasant, you will definitely feel the approach of spring, and your mood will improve.
We will do hot stand for ourselves