The main activist of the movement #MeToo Asia Argento was accused of harassment

Hollywood is indignant: the main activist of the movement against violence and sexual harassment #MeToo Asia Argento, who was one of the first to accuse Harvey Weinstein of harassment, found herself in the center of a similar scandal - not as a victim, but as a defendant. The New York Times reported that Asia paid $ 380,000 in silence to the 22-year-old actor and musician Jimmy Bennett, who was about to sue her as soon as the Harvey scandal began. The fact is that five years ago, when Jimmy was 17, and the actress, 37, she lured him to a hotel, sending an accompanying relative, and seduced a minor guy, promising him a role in his new film. In 2004, Bennett already played a major role along with Argento in her picture “Chickens” - then he was only 12, and on the screen he and Asia were the son and mother.

Documents confirming the fact of the transactionas well as evidence of relations between Asia and Jimmy, unknown senders were sent via an encrypted channel to The New York Times, and at least three people familiar with the case confirmed that the documents were authentic.

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Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, Ben Brüfman, has already issued a statement that amazes the actress’s “duplicity and hypocrisy.” After all, it turns out that she blamed the producer for the same thing that was to blame for herself (at the time of her relationship with Weinstein, Asia was already an adult, but Benette - no). This can greatly affect the outcome of the proceedings with the producer. Argento, however, has not yet commented on the situation, as did Jimmy: his representative said that “in the near future, Jimmy will continue to do what he has been doing in recent months and years — music.”