The most fashionable colors in manicure 2015

Fashion dictates its own rules, and they should be followed even during the manicure procedure. And what color nails are in fashion in 2015?

The most current shades

What colors in manicure can be called the most trendy and fashionable colors of 2015?

1.Still in the fashion shadesnude, that is, beige. In these colors can be performed romantic wedding or everyday manicure. This color is appreciated by business women who know a lot about fashion. But since there are many different nude shades, you can change the images and make the nails brighter.

2. Marsala colorsimilar to the shade of expensive and noble wine. It combines notes of red-maroon and brown colors, which, when mixed, turned out to be an incredibly warm, gentle, romantic and feminine shade.

This tone can be called universal, as it is suitable for both everyday and business, and for a chic evening look. In addition, it is combined with any colors in the make-up and clothes, as it is most similar to the natural shade of the nails.He is absolutely not catchy and not a bit aggressive, but makes you pay attention to marigolds and admire.

3. Pink.This color can be called, perhaps, the most gentle and romantic, especially its light pastel shades. Choosing one of them, you can easily and quickly refresh the marigold, but at the same time to preserve their naturalness.

And if you choose a darker pink tone, you can create a bright and fascinating image. In general, a bottle of pink lacquer should be available in the arsenal of any fashionista.

4.Relevant fascinating and mysteriouscolor black orchid. In fact, pure black orchids do not exist, but the color can not be called completely black. It contains notes of pink, lilac and purple. Such a tone would be ideal for creating a chic evening look. On nails, the shade seems to be velvety, which simply can not help fascinating.

5. Golden. This original and bright color looks dazzling and makes the manicure original and bright. And it looks especially bright on dark and tanned hands.

6. Scarlet. Do you want to become a real fatal, stylish and fashionable girl? Then get a bright scarlet varnish.If earlier everyone considered him vulgar and was called “conductor’s”, today he conquered literally everyone, including world celebrities. Scarlet is the color of passion and love.

But remember that it looks especially bold and bright on long nails or nails of medium length, but on short ones it can look extremely ridiculous and ugly. And still the covering should be faultless and by all means glossy.

7. Metallic and silver. These colors are considered cold, but, nevertheless, they can be used to create fresh spring or summer images. By the way, metallic tones can hide irregularities of the nails and visually lengthen them.

8. White. Although this color is considered classic in clothing, in manicure it is not. Despite all the apparent simplicity, white on nails looks fresh, bright and even juicy. This color can be used to create a spring or summer manicure. By the way, white has several shades. And the brighter and cleaner it will be, the more expressive will be the nails.

9. Orange. It is very bright, fresh and youthful color, for young and active girls it is just perfect. Moreover, the brighter and more “acidic” the color, the more interesting the nails will be and the more creative the image will be. But remember that this shade is not appropriate in all cases and is not suitable for everyone.It will not fit into a business or elegant look, but it will surprise everyone at the party.

10. Purpleis a real favorite of this season. And if you consider that it has a lot of shades of different intensity, then, choosing the right one, you can make both gentle and romantic, as well as bright and even elegant or chic and truly royal manicure.

11. Maroon. He does not go out of fashion for several seasons and is one of the most relevant. On the nails, it looks bright and feminine at the same time.

And the darker this color is, the more fateful and mysterious the image will be. But it is important to remember that burgundy, like any dark lacquer, looks best on beautiful, well-groomed and fairly long nails.

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