The problem is that I like to get cognitive information at school, but I don�t want to study. What should I do?

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What kind of cognitive information are you interested in? Try to turn your desire to create a coherent system of knowledge, on the basis of which you can learn a part of life. Learning is what leads to this; in many sciences, a little goes into more, the knowledge of one depends on the knowledge of the other. Understanding the holistic system will allow you to become smarter, learn the laws of logic, which then by analogy can be transferred to other situations (this is how creative personalities are born that have accumulated a lot of knowledge, built a system of them or a certain view based on the knowledge that is closer to them). That's the point of knowing you herethere you know, but you do not understand how it works in the system? Well, yes, you can show off knowledge in a conversation, or you will remember, perhaps, someday it will be useful in some kind of intellectual test or television show, but that's all. Or you can apply some knowledge that will be remembered. The system of knowledge will give an understanding of many things, analogies, logic, will help unleash creative potential, etc. So in all the natural sciences, one thing is connected with the other: biology, chemistry, physics. In history you simply trace the movement of ideas, fashion, events and gradual evolution, in literature and music - the development of literary art, sound and musical tastes. In mathematics, the knowledge of one depends on the knowledge of the other. In foreign languages - the same way: without knowing the basic vocabulary and grammar, you will not be able to speak correctly and fully. For the Russian person, probably, less systemic science, in my opinion, is the Russian language. There you can write correctly, but it is wrong to put punctuation marks or completely forget everything by the rules, but to write correctly, because you like reading books and well-read � in this case, visual memory is formed + the brain works, so you write correctly automatically. But this does not mean that you do not need to learn the language in the system.