Thread Snowmen

Snowmen from threads.Decorate the house for the New Year! We make a snowman or a family of snowmen from ordinary threads, the manufacturing technique is simple and familiar to many, so it will not take you much time. Master class is perfect for co-creation with children. These snowmen can decorate the Christmas tree, desktop, etc.

Materials and tools:

  1. balloons;
  2. white and colored threads;
  3. PVA glue and Moment glue
  4. tare;
  5. wire;
  6. beads.

Step 1

Inflate balloons of different sizes. We pour the PVA glue into the container, take the white threads and wind the balloon with threads, passing them through the PVA glue. Leave the glue to dry, then use a needle to break the ball and carefully remove it.

Repeating this step, we make many, many balls of thread.

Step 2

Take the wire and bite off the same lengths from it. Bend the wire in the shape of a handle in a mitten (see. Figure). Then we wind the handle with black threads and the mitten with colored threads. To glue the ends of the thread to the wire, we use glue Moment.

Step 3

On one snowman you will need 3 balls, we glue the balls together with PVA glue. Make a spout and glue the beads (eyes) with glue Moment. The base of the snowman is ready.

Next, using the Moment glue, gently attach the handles to the base.

And in the end we will decorate a snowman, for example, with sparkles, ribbons, or you can tie a small scarf and cap. Everything isthread snowmanready.