Tip 2: Climbing Plants for the Garden: Honeysuckle Capricole

Do you need to plant various architectural forms in the garden? Pay attention to the honeysuckle honeysuckle. With proper care, honeysuckle will be the best decoration for your garden. A green screen from this plant will hide from prying eyes and securely decorates any vertical surface. Honeysuckle Capricole is the best option for climbing plants for the garden. The main thing is to know the secrets of caring for this plant.
Honeysuckle Capricole - Climbing Plant for Garden

In order to curly honeysuckle pleased you with beauty, friendly flowering and divine scent, provide her the right care. First of all, the honeysuckle capricole is a winding vine. Growing a plant as a screen or a green partition for a garden is a strong support. Honeysuckle loves support and wraps them with pleasure. She does it fast and forever. Remove an adult plant from the wall or another design is simply impossible.Therefore, if you want the plant to grow in a certain direction, shape the direction of the young shoots in the right direction. After the shoots are woody, they retain the shape they were given in early childhood.

In order to decorate the wall, take care of the presence of additional supports on it. Honeysuckle Capricole is not able to climb a smooth wall. Honeysuckle Capricole grows very quickly. Over the summer, the growth of her shoots can reach three meters. In May, it is already covered with green leaves, later to begin to bloom and thin the dizzy scent throughout the garden.

After the vine has been planted, provide it with proper care. Watering - once a week. In dry weather, this should be done more often. Once every two weeks, let the green pet feed with alternation of mineral fertilizers and organic. When planting, give her the best bright places. However, this climbing plant for the garden feels good in the shade. Honeysuckle caprfol - unpretentious vine, and care for it is not difficult.

It is possible to multiply curling honeysuckle easy way. This can be done in early spring or autumn.Remove one of the shoots and lay on the ground. Cover the ground in some places. If necessary, press down to the ground with wire. Soon there will form a root system that will give life to a young plant.

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Tip 3: What is honeysuckle and how it is useful

Honeysuckle is the most valuable medicinal plant. Its fruits have anti-scorching action. In most cases, it is used in folk medicine as a treatment for lichen. With its help, you can cure various diseases of the eyes, for this it is enough just to make a decoction of the honeysuckle berries. Also with the help of the same broth, diseases of the oral cavity can be treated.
What is useful honeysuckle

Doctors discovered that if a woman has joints sore, then in order to get rid of this pain, it will be enough to take baths with infusion of honeysuckle. Also, honeysuckle - this is exactly the tool that contributes to the emergence of appetite.

Today, among all types of honeysuckle to eat berries can be only a few species. The fruit of honeysuckle ripens in two weeks. Honeysuckle berry has a dark purple color with a waxy coating. In view of the berries can be of different shapes - both round and elongated.

And the most interesting thing is that the honeysuckle berry will contain sugar depending on the weather and climate. If the weather is hot, then the berry will be sweet and juicy, but if the plant grows in rain conditions, the berries will have a sour taste and will not be as juicy as those growing in the sun.

Honeysuckle is rich in various nutrients. For example, it contains active compounds that have a good effect on the human heart system. Also, honeysuckle is a good diuretic. Therefore, it can be taken by those who have kidney disease. It has been proven that the infusion of honeysuckle well removes stones from the kidneys.

It was also proved that honeysuckle contains a large amount of ascorbic acid and vitamin B. But, besides this, honeysuckle is rich in silicon, iodine, barium and many more other beneficial substances.

If you use this plant in cooking, it is necessary that the berries have a sweet taste, then your dish will be delicious. In addition, there are varieties of honeysuckle, which have the smell and taste of pineapple or strawberry. Of these berries, you can make delicious compotes, as well as they are eaten fresh.