Tips to keep you beautiful, even if you have a cold

This fall you will be stunning, regardless of how you feel.

The weather conditions at this time of year are so unpleasant - rainy and windy, that you can catch a cold in a matter of minutes. In addition to fever, cough and runny nose, satellites of all diseases are red eyes, inflamed skin, peeling in the nose area - these side effects do not paint us at all. But there are a few beauty hacks that will help you look as if you are not sick.

Step 1

Before taking any action and apply a generous layer of tonal means on the face, you need to solve the problem with red eyes. For this, arm yourself with drops that constrict blood vessels and relieve fatigue. Besides the fact that they will remove the redness, they will also make the eyes brighter and more expressive - now nobody will guess about your illness.

Step 2

Dry air, the constant use of paper handkerchiefs make the skin cracked and broken. During illness, it is best not to neglect cleansing and moisturizing, so that the skin is less dehydrated.

Before going into the "light" is to use a super-moisturizing and nourishing cream, preferably without fragrances, as they can irritate the skin, and the area around the nose, which most often peels off during an illness, restore with the help of an ointment or oil that soothes and moisturizes the skin.

The moisturizing mask will not interfere, which will restore the lipid balance and relieve inflammation.

Do not forget about beauty and self-care, even during illness, and you will not have to reanimate your skin in the shortest time possible.

Step 3

Go to the tone. If the skin is not irritated, but dull, it is best to use a light tone fluid. In case the skin is a bit irritated, you should choose a foundation with a thicker coating that can completely mask all imperfections. However, choose the means that will give the skin a natural glow.

To hide the dark circles under the eyes, surely you have them, disguise them with concealer. And to neutralize reddening, use a primer of a green shade.

Step 4

To give your face a healthier shade, take a cream blush or bronzer. The goal is that the cheeks have acquired a natural blush, so do not overdo it.

Step 5

Let's go back to the eyes. If your eyes are very swollen and irritated before make-up, it is best to make compresses from tea bags (to do this, immerse them in boiling water, then cool them and then apply them to bags under the eyes). Make-up should be minimal so as not to look even more painful than it actually is. Choose waterproof formulas that will not let you down and will not be smeared under any circumstances.