Top 10 best computer games for children

Many people like computer games, especially children like them. Some parents prohibit their children from playing, others allocate certain time for games. If your child is fond of computer games, then find out which ones are suitable for children and are the best.


What should be children's computer games?


Before presenting the ranking of the best children's games on the computer, it is worth telling a little about what such games should be. Here are the main characteristics:

  • Useful educational games. During the game, the child should learn something new, develop memory, logical thinking, concentration of attention. Otherwise, the game will be absolutely useless. You should choose different strategies, role-playing games, arcades, puzzles, adventures and so on.
  • Ensure that there are no scenes of violence in the game. Unfortunately, the creators rarely pay attention to such an important detail, as a result of which games with many bloody scenes and murders fall into the hands of schoolchildren.This will not lead to anything good, because the child’s psyche will be extremely negatively affected.
  • Pick up games, given the age of the child. Usually, age criteria and categories are indicated by the creators, information about this can be found on the disc packaging or in the game description.
  • Consider and the interests of the child. So, if the child loves animals, then buy him a game in which our smaller brothers will be present.

Best games

They should be bright and kind

Now we offer to know the top 10 best computer games for children:

  1. "Toki Tori 2". This is a very bright and exciting game. The child will plunge into the colorful world and will be able to make the present fascinating travel. The main goal of the game is to help the chick to collect eggs. Actions will be carried out on the island. But this place is not simple, because there are a lot of strange creatures, whose behavior can be influenced. Also, the child expects a lot of puzzles and tasks. Eggs are not easy to collect, you need to try and think carefully.
  2. "Go Home Dinosaurs". The game is designed for children over 9 years old. The plot is a confrontation between gophers who like steaks and dinosaurs that they want to select those same steaks.The player’s task is to drive the dinosaurs home and protect their food. To save steaks, you need to perform certain tasks. The whole game consists of three levels, and each of the levels includes 20 stages. As you progress through the stages and levels will need to collect coconuts. With every step, chasing the dinosaurs will be more and more difficult and difficult, but in the store it will be possible to acquire abilities for ground squirrels.
  3. “Cheburashka. The Abduction of the Century ". Good Russian game, designed for children aged 5 years and created based on fairy tales of Edward Uspensky. The main characters are the crocodile Gena and Cheburashka loved by all children. The task of the characters is to find the rat Lariska belonging to the mischievous old woman Shapoklyak. But finding it is not so easy. To complete this task, the player, along with the heroes, will need to learn something. For example, you have to weave a web, use the clock, make jam. Having mastered all the tasks, Gena and Cheburashka will be able to return Lariska to the owner and fulfill her mission.
  4. Toy Story 3: The Big Escape. The game is based on the events of the same cartoon. Children will definitely like it, as it contains the familiar lovely characters of Woody, Jesse and Buzz, as well as interesting events and assignments. There are two modes in total.First, you can remember the cartoon and immerse yourself in its plot, saving toys. Secondly, you can create your own unique and unique travels by selecting the “Toy Box” mode. The player can build a whole town in the Wild West. You can build and equip houses, perform various tasks, and change the appearance of the characters. In general, the game is interesting and exciting.
  5. «The LEGO Movie Videogame». Everything seems to be simple: figures from Lego, puzzles and tasks, puzzles, opposition to enemies and so on. But almost all positive reviews, the game can recognize one of the best in the 2014-2015 year. The main character, Lucy, has the ability to climb above all, and one of her teammates, Emmett, can repair and repair almost anything. Elder Gandalf turns the staff into bars for Lucy, and Batman fights enemies and can destroy everything around. Here is the interaction of characters helps to perform tasks and move towards the goal.
  6. Woodville. No violence here players will see. The main goal of the game is to build a nice and cozy village. To do this, you will need to perform various tasks, overcome difficulties and obstacles in your path. So, you can find, for example, chests, sturdy chains, ice plates.If everything is overcome and passed, then in the end you can become the master of your own settlement. Also in the process of the game you need to earn coins, for which you can buy buildings for your village. A peaceful and very interesting game.
  7. "Masha and the Bear: Hide and Seek". A game for the little ones, based on the plot of the same cartoon film. In total, the game has 10 game plots, each of them has a lot of interesting and exciting tasks. The characters are bright and cute, sometimes there are funny situations. The player will have several tasks. First, we need to help Masha hide and outwit the Bear, who will look for her. And Bear will need to help clean the house after such a fun game. You will also need to redo a lot of other things: fix your favorite Masha's doll, assemble a catapult, melt a samovar, and so on. If the kid cannot cope with this or that task, he can count on a hint that will surely help to reach the goal.
  8. "Smeshariki". Games from this series are already incredibly many. So, you can play winter games with Nyusha, Losyash, Kar Karychem, Hedgehog, Kopatychem and Kroshom, you can go on a journey to parallel worlds, play volleyball or football, fly an airplane, harvest crops or drive on machines.Some games can be played online, so you don’t have to buy anything. In each game there are exciting tasks, performing which, you can approach the coveted goal. Collecting bonus points, you can simplify the task and get a pleasant surprise in the form of tips or help.
  9. “Children and Animals: We Play Together”. If your kid loves animals, he will definitely like this game, because in it you can choose one of the pets (panda, dolphin, elephant, penguin, lion or monkey) and teach him various tricks. Also, the animal will need to feed, dress, bathe. And the baby will be able to learn a lot of new things about his pet.
  10. "Happy Farmer". The player will be given the neglected village, which will need to be revived. Firstly, it is necessary to keep an eye on the garden, secondly, one should not forget about animals, thirdly, the economy needs to be protected from bear attacks. To complete a level, you need to perform some task: to acquire a certain number of animals, to sell milk or cheese in predetermined volumes.

Here are the most popular games that children like. But remember that a child should not spend too much time at the computer!

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