Top 10 most dangerous sports

Playing sports is useful, but some of its areas can be dangerous to health and even human life. Find out which species should be wary and wary.

Base jumping

The most dangerous sport in the world can rightly be considered BASE jumping, in which extremals jump from high ground objects, such as skyscrapers, mountains, rocks. And although athletes use parachutes, they can not always save and protect.

Major hazards:

  • The risk of a crash if the parachute opens too late or not completely.
  • The probability of tangling the lines, in which the landing will be extremely hard.
  • A basejamper flies near the object and can catch on it with a parachute or crash into a protruding section with a strong gust of wind or insufficient study of the location.


Surely you do not know this word, and not all athletes, especially those far from winter species, know it. Heli-ski is one of the varieties of alpine skiing, namely, freeride.It is supposed to have a free, rapid descent along the intersected and heavily snow-covered slopes far from the prepared slopes. Lifting is possible only by helicopter.

Dangers - a huge amount:

  • The likelihood of crashing in a helicopter if the pilot fails to cope with the control and cannot avoid a collision with a mountain (especially under unsuitable weather conditions).
  • Risk of serious injury during descent. Trails are not studied, terrain and patency unpredictable.
  • The danger of an avalanche from the top.
  • Once in an impassable hard-to-reach area, athletes can simply get stuck there. If help does not arrive on time, death is likely.


Motorcycling is also included in the list of the most dangerous sports for humans. There are several reasons for this:

  • High probability of accidents. Racing participants ride so fast that it’s extremely difficult to fit in sharp turns. Avoiding collisions with other motorcyclists is also not easy. Moreover, not only a collision with a fence or a fall can cause injury, but also the weight of an “iron horse” that fell on the owner's body.
  • Overload. Yes, a modern motorcycle can reach speeds of up to 300-350 kilometers per hour, which does not have the best effect on internal organs, displacing and squeezing them.
  • Overheating in the summer.Motorcyclists dress specifically, and this is not so much a tribute to fashion or tradition, as security measures. Protective breathable suit and helmet heat up in the sun, transferring heat to the body and increasing its temperature.

Cave diving

Cave diving is not just diving into the reservoirs, but real underwater travel through the caves.

The main threats:

  • When passing through narrow areas can damage the balloon and lose oxygen.
  • In the secret corners of the sea or ocean floor are numerous predators waiting for victims, which can be cave divers.
  • Possible equipment failures. And since it is not always possible to quickly rise to the surface, there is always the risk of death.
  • If an athlete gets lost and cannot find a way out, he will die after the oxygen supply is exhausted.
  • When immersing to considerable depths, barotrauma are possible: during a sharp rise from a great depth to the surface, blood vessels and lungs may be damaged.


Fortunately, this sport is claimed and practiced only in some states, but there participants suffer often and severely.According to statistics, about 80 thousand injuries occur in a year, and this figure confirms that trying to tame the bull is not a good idea. An excited and angry animal can pierce an opponent with a sharp horn or hit the hoof hard. And if a person is reset, damage and injuries are inevitable.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is romantic and spectacular, but incredibly dangerous. Although modern equipment is available to modern climbers, it does not save from all hazards. If the climber accidentally stumbles or slips, it can immediately fall down and not even fly to the foot of the rock, but break down on its numerous sharp protrusions. But even if you survive after the fall, help is unlikely to come soon, especially if there is not a group nearby, and the victim was in a deep gorge.


Everyone knows that only real men play hockey, and cowards have no place here. But even watching the match is dangerous, because the podium can reach the puck. And it flies at such a speed that injury to the audience is likely. Fortunately, they are not so frequent.

But hockey players themselves suffer from “crazy” pucks much more often, but this is not the only danger.Having speeding up and not thinking over the trajectory of his movement, the hockey player may stumble on the board and get a bruise. Moreover, protective suits, closed helmets and caps do not always save from blows.


This sport is loved by many and is popular in almost all countries of the world, but professional athletes and even amateurs are often injured. For example, in one season their number for one player can reach 200 (if you take into account minor types of bruises, abrasions and bruises).

The dangers are:

  • A professional ball is quite heavy, so if it flies at high speed after hitting a footballer, it can injure the head and other parts of the body.
  • Temperamental and wishing to win the players do not see anything around themselves and often collide. And if you try to hit the ball with your heads at the same time, concussions are likely.
  • Surprisingly, you can suffer at the match because of the fights and inappropriate behavior of ardent fans, especially those who are in an excited or intoxicated state.


Rafting is a specific water sport, implying rafting on mountainous rapid rivers on small inflatable rafts - rafts.And the thresholds are especially dangerous.

There are a lot of risks:

  • Getting into the so-called siphons - areas under the rocks. The chances of salvation in this situation are small.
  • Fall from the Raft and hit it. In this case, the main thing is not to panic.
  • Injuries in collisions of rafts with high rapids, rocks, stones. You can not just get a strong injury, but also lose consciousness.
  • If, in overcoming the rapid flow, a person in the boat accidentally catches his hand or foot, he may fall out of the raft, choke and drown.


The conquest of the waves is no less dangerous, although it captures. Moreover, many surfers are literally addicted and devote their lives to finding new places and high waves.

Consider the main threats:

  • Sharks. Yes, in the seas and oceans, meetings with these aquatic predators are quite likely, and it is not necessary to swim far.
  • If the surfer is covered by a big wave, he can get lost in the water space and drown.
  • You can get a kick on your own board. And since it is heavy, there is a chance of losing consciousness that the water element is fraught with death.

These were the most dangerous sports that should not be practiced by untrained people.

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