Top 10 most intelligent and good breeds of dogs in the world (10 photos)

The dog is the most true and devoted friend of man. But there are breeds that are simply created for existence with humans. And which dogs are the kindest and smartest?

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The most kind and intelligent dogs

We offer you the top 10 of the kindest and smartest dog breeds in the world:

1.Collie. In Scotland, this breed is recognized not only the most friendly, but also the most intelligent. Previously, these dogs were used as shepherds, and they grazed animals even better than people! Even the structure of the collie's jaw will not allow it to bite too hard or to attack, so that kindness is practically embedded in the genes, and attempts to develop aggression have failed.


These dogs are very shy and do not trust immediately, but if you manage to win confidence (and it’s easy to do, you just need to become a friend for the collie), then you will feel all the devotion and affection of your pet. The collies are rather calm, but require attention, care and affection. The ideal pet for those who dream of a dog friend.

2. Newfoundland- a rather large working dog from Canada with an awesome appearance: long hair, massive body and paws. But in fact, by the nature of these dogs are very, very calm, they bark very rarely, the first never to attack.


Such a dog is an ideal option for a family, because it will become a full member of it. Separation from the masters for such a breed is painful, they are so loyal that they will follow you everywhere. Newfoundland is incredibly inventive and clever, he literally feels everything and will come to the rescue at any time. The dog always tries to please the owners, so it will do everything for that. With other pets such dogs get along quickly and easily.

3.Golden retriever- the perfect pet for kids. He is incredibly patient and will be for the children of this reliable nanny. Even in relation to strangers, such a breed often does not show aggression, but in the case of a clear threat to the owner, it will start barking.

Golden retriever

Since dogs are very smart, they are easily trained in commands. Mobility and activity allows you to play in the open air or at home with a retriever. This dog is strongly attached to people and always seeks to be in their society, avoiding loneliness.By the way, such dogs often become guides or even nurses for people with disabilities.

4. The list includesLabrador retriever, which was originally an assistant dog for humans, is still considered a working breed, so labradors are often used as guides. But thanks to high intelligence the breed is considered almost universal, so that practically anyone can be trained from Labrador. This is a wonderful family dog, which will be friendly not only to family members, but also to relatives and guests.


Such dogs are playful and active, which is very popular with children. To strangers, Labradors are also drawn, many consider it a disadvantage. With other animals, these dogs get along perfectly. But high activity requires increased attention!

5.Poodle- a unique dog. Firstly, she is very clever, secondly, she is able to adapt to almost any climate conditions. Some consider France to be the birthplace of this breed, while others claim that the name has German roots.


This dog is active, but at the same time quite obedient and easy to train.And attentiveness allows him to adapt to the mood of the owner and interact with people. Often, poodles make circus dogs, as they easily find a common language with other animals, and at the same time they are not afraid of strangers and crowds.

6. Continues ranking the most kind and intelligent dogs.sheltie. These cute little dogs are very smart. For the first time the breed was bred in the Shetland Islands. It was originally used as a shepherd, but then became widespread throughout the world and is still considered to be very popular.


Sheltie is a great companion, a friend and partner for children's games. The dog is wary of strangers, so there are also watchman qualities. But since the breed is perfectly trainable, the dog will only scare off potential enemies, and not to bark at each oncoming and not to throw at everyone. Remember that sheltie requires a lot of time and attention.

7.German Shepherd. These dogs are very intelligent and loyal. Yes, this dog gives the impression of a wild beast, and in fact it will be wary of strangers, and with potential enemies it can be aggressive and even cruel.But the owner understands the owner with a half word, and for the family will become a true friend.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is notable for its devotion, but may well get used to the new owner. It is worth noting that even though the dog is very intelligent and sensitive, it needs a constant and proper training.

8.Basset houndlooks awkward, but very nice: long body, short legs, elongated muzzle, hanging ears, eyelids and cheeks. Surprisingly, the breed is a hound, and its homeland is Great Britain. This dog is just unique. This is a real person with his own habits, views on life and principles.

Basset hound

He will become a good friend, but sometimes he will try to manipulate you. But these manipulations are so nice and ridiculous that it is simply impossible to be angry with the basset hound. This is a solid charm and charisma!

9. If we consider the kindest breeds of dogs, then we must not forget aboutSaint Bernard. We all remember films with the participation of this huge cute dogs. Yes, the dog is big, but you should not be afraid of it, it is very friendly and has a calm disposition. For the child, the St. Bernard will become not only a faithful friend, but also a reliable nurse.

St. Bernard

This dog will not make useless movements, so it may seem to be inactive.But the unique search abilities are famous for a long time, so that St. Bernards are excellent lifeguards who will find a person even sweat thick snow.

10.Australian Shepherd- smart and dedicated dog. Previously such dogs were herding flocks of sheep, and today they often become full-fledged members of families. Such shepherds are responsible and helpful, love and protect children, and also have an excellent memory and quickly remember all the commands.

Australian Shepherd

The dog will be able to take quite a deliberate decision, but at the same time will always obey his master. Australian Shepherds may be wary of strangers, but that’s a plus. With other animals, these dogs get along well. Increased activity requires attention, so with such a pet you will need to constantly play outdoor games.

Get a good and intelligent dog, and let it become your friend and a full-fledged family member.

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