Two kopecky drugs from the pharmacy to help plants

When crop and plant health are at stake, all means are good. It is advisable, of course, not to resort to chemistry and not much to spend - there are a lot of plants, and the consumption of drugs is also very large. Did you know that only two drugstores will help to cope with a large number of problems on the site - late blight, radical and gray rot, aphids, powdery mildew, peronospora, etc.? The name is ammonia and greens!

So, let's find out in more detail what liquid ammonia can do with it?

Additional fertilizing

The ammonia, which is easily absorbed by nitrogen, can be used as a top-dressing of plants living in poor soil. For this, 1 tbsp. l. of the preparation is dissolved in 10 liters of water and the resulting mixture is sprayed with a patch.

Carrot and onion fly

They do not like the smell of ammonia. Dissolve 5 ml of the drug in 10 l of water and sprinkle the plants. Repeat every 10 days.

Mosquitoes and midges

Also do not like ammonia.You can simply pour it into the spray gun and spray it in the air during the gatherings in the garden.


It drives off ammonia and its onion beds. Dilute 25 ml of alcohol in 10 liters of water and water the onions every 10 days.


Another suburban enemy. In a bucket of water dissolve 40 grams of rubbed soap and 50 ml of ammonia. The resulting mixture is sprayed on affected crops.

Wireworm and Medvedka

Right before planting, the soil should be treated with a mixture of 10 ml of ammonia and 10 liters of water. To fix the procedure you need in a week.

And what will help zelenka in the garden?


This is a dangerous and transient disease, however, it is easier to prevent than to cure it. Connect 10 ml of green, 2 liters of serum and 8 liters of water. Spray the resulting solution shortly before flowering cucumbers and onions with an interval of one to two weeks.

Safety of pumpkin crop

If during harvesting pumpkin, squash or zucchini got “wound”, it is worth treating this place with greenery - then the decay will stop.

Gray rot on strawberries

Connect 10 ml of green, 1 l of milk and 9 l of water. Process the resulting solution bushes a couple of weeks before flowering and a few more times - during the pouring period (interval - 10 days).

Radical rot of cucumbers

Every week should be lubricated with a solution of the main cucumber stalk at a height of 10 cm from the ground. On the two parts of the water is taken one part green.

Garden Vara replacement

When pruning trees, treat the edges of the cuts with a green to prevent infection.

Late blight

Zelenka help protect tomatoes from this scourge. Take 3 ml of greens per 10 liters of water, process the tomatoes a few weeks after transplanting. Continue the procedure at intervals of 10 days until harvesting.

Mealy dew

Finally, the green helps to cope with this disease. Connect 5 ml of greens with 2 liters of serum and 8 liters of water, process the affected cultures with a solution every 7 days, until the complete disappearance of the disease.