Unusual and cool new year 2013

How unusual and cool to meet the New Year 2013

How unusual and fun to meet the New Year 2013 - under water in scuba gear!

New Year welcome guest enters every home and brings with it fun and joy. It is on New Year's Eve that they make the most intimate desires, receive gifts and just have fun from the heart. The upcoming year of the Snake brings with it many unpredictable twists and turns. Therefore, it is necessary to meet him with a smile on his face and in the circle of close people, and so that it is not boring, see how to make an unusual and cool new year 2013. In addition, you should appease and appease a capricious snake, so that she brought with her only luck and happiness . Do not forget that the holiday itself should be met exactly as you want to spend the whole next year. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think in advance all the details and prepare well for the celebration of the New Year, in order not to complain about fate later.


How unusual and fun to celebrate New Year 2013?



Traditionally it is customary to spend New Year's Eve with family.And despite the fact that the same scenario repeats itself year after year, this variant of the New Year's Eve prefers a huge number of people. Celebration with your family can be varied, if you invite Father Frost and Snow Maiden to visit. Later you can go outside and join the fun in the square. For some of these ways of meeting is a family tradition that allows you to gather at the table all the members of the family and enjoy their society.


Unusually meet the New Year abroad.



Today more and more people are going to celebrate the holiday in other countries. Having decided to meet the New Year abroad, it is worth considering the route well, buy tickets in advance and book a hotel room. Most of the hotels plans to advance the holiday program, which can be found at the tour operator. Interestingly and unusually, New Year is celebrated in one of the most colorful cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro. Here it is customary to celebrate the eve of the holiday, dancing on the beach in snow-white robes. Guests are offered local drinks and cocktails, and the celebration itself certainly ends with colorful fireworks.


At the birthplace of Santa Claus - New Year in Lapland.



How unusual and fun to celebrate New Year in Lapland.

How unusual and fun to celebrate New Year - in Lapland.

New Year's Eve will be remembered for a long time if you meet him in Lapland- the birthplace of Santa Claus. Finland for the New Year is amazing and beautiful. Here everyone will find something to do to their liking and have a wonderful time. One of the most interesting sights of the country is Santa Claus Village, where visitors can personally see the famous Santa and his reindeer Rudolph, send a letter and package directly from Santa Claus Central Mail to anywhere in the world. This unusual celebration will especially appeal to children and romantics. In addition, numerous villages, picturesquely spread out at the foot of a mountain slope, will always be welcome guests and visitors. Here, tourists can go skiing, sledding, sample delicious local cuisine and enjoy the beauty of virgin nature.


At the recreation center.



Today, in order to have a fun New Year's Eve, it is not at all necessary to leave the country. So, you can relax at the recreation center, located near the city.As a rule, the celebration includes a traditional dinner and entertainment program, which consists of a variety of contests, shows and fireworks.


Cool to celebrate New Year on the street.



New Year can be found in the central square of the city among the noisy crowd. Just take a bottle of sparkling champagne with you and open it while the chiming clock is knocking. After that, a gala concert will begin with dances, songs and sparklers. It is also possible to meet New Year on the street to people who, by chance, were alone on this day, by the way for them there is a good article on how to celebrate New Year alone / alone. Here they will surely find a company and have fun.


Or in a cafe, a club with a theme party.



It's nice to meet the New Year in the club.

It's nice to meet the New Year in the club.

Many people prefer to celebrate the New Year in a cafe, restaurant or club. Of course, it is very convenient, because you do not have to cook a festive table all day, invite guests and take care that they have fun. On New Year's Eve, musicians, actors and clowns will entertain guests of clubs and restaurants. Club for meeting holidays mainly chosen by young people.Here they are waiting for an incendiary dance program, a variety of competitions for the New Year, the show of soap bubbles and fakirs. The script for the New Year is well thought out and you can always find out in advance.


Rent a house for the New Year.



For lovers of outdoor recreation and large companies, New Year's Eve can be spent outside the city. And it doesn't matter if there is no private dacha yet. Today, at the time of the celebration, you can rent any house where no one except you will be. As a rule, in rented country houses and cottages there are fables with a steam room, a pool table, a large fireplace and several bedrooms.


Unusually to celebrate New Year in the mountain ski resort.



For active young people, an ideal meeting place for the New Year will be a mountain-ski complex or a sports and entertainment center located outside the city. Here they will be offered a bright program with a buffet table, music, dancing and, of course, working skating rinks, ski lifts and ski slopes. After exhausting entertainment, vacationers can stay overnight in hotels or return home.


It is funny and unusual to meet the New Year not only in the company of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, but also in the guise of the symbols of the New Year. In this outfit you'll always be in the spotlight.However, you can choose a more modest outfit and try on any other carnival outfit.


Together ...



Romantic meet the New Year together, alone with your beloved. To do this, you can simply prepare a light dinner, light candles, decorate the room with garlands, put on a beautiful outfit and enjoy the company of each other all night long.


Cool new year in a limousine.



Unusual New Year in a limousine.

Unusual New Year in a limousine.

Unusually New Year can be found in the car. To do this, it is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money and go to Paris or Vegas. You can simply rent a luxury limousine with leather seats, a basket of fruit and exquisite champagne glasses. In such a car with a polite driver dressed in a black tuxedo, anyone feels like a hero of a Hollywood movie.


On my way…



Quite often, the holiday finds people on the road. Therefore, if you know for sure that you will meet the New Year while you are in a car or plane, you should stock up on comfortable footwear, hot meals and drinks. However, this is not at all necessary; guides and flight attendants will provide you with everything you need, of course, with the exception of alcohol.Motorists should take good care and stock up with enough hot drinks, warm clothes and delicious festive food. There are some people who, on the eve of the New Year, especially buy a train ticket, take a bottle of champagne with them and stamp the party in the company of travelers from the next compartment.