Use this tricky trick to avoid becoming a victim of ticks! I feel safe in nature.

Warm summer and spring days have only one minus -nasty insectswho are so eager to run over you or bite. Ticks are particularly dangerous. If you like active rest and spend a lot of time outdoors or on weekends you leave for a picnic with your family, then there is a chance to come back with these reptiles on your body.

In order to rest only brings joy and you do not have to think about the potentialtick bite hazards, we will tell you about one trick. And as you can already guess, it's very easy to prevent this problem.

Effective remedy for ticks

All you need to have is a regular roller for cleaning clothes and essential oil. Add a small amount of essential oil to the roller.Just do it evenly and gently, so as not to put stains on clothes. Before you go for a walk in the park or go on the nature, walk with a roller several times on the things that you will wear.

Just keep in mind that not every essential oil is suitable. We present to your attention the 5 most effective oils for fighting mites.


  1. Eucalyptus
    Eucalyptus oil can be used alone or in combination with lemongrass oil to scare away any insects.
  2. Lemon
    This oil is considered to be particularly effective for fighting ticks, fleas and even lice.
  3. Mint
    This essential oil is toxic to insects and is an effective natural repellent.
  4. Lavender
    The most amazing thing is that people adore the scent of lavender, but mites can not stand it. Moreover, this also applies to midges and mosquitoes.
  5. Chinese lemongrass oil
    It has a bright citrus aroma and is a natural remedy for protection against fleas and ticks.

In thattick control methodthere is another nice bonus - it helps to deter mosquitoes and different midges.Due to the fact that you put essential oil on clothes with a roller, for you and those around it will be an unobtrusive fragrance.

Also, some people simply mix water with essential oils and apply it on the body as a spray. But in the heat, contact of the steamed body with oil can cause skin irritation.

Planning to go on nature, take advantage of this trick and rest without annoying ticks.