We wallow and look: 5 new series of November-2017

Looking for something to see? Autumn serial boom continues! We picked up five nice new series that will start very soon.

"She's Grace"

Start: November 3

Only everyone looked "The Servant" in the book of Margaret Atwood, as the new serial Netflix, based on the novel of the Booker's laureate, is already coming out.
The servant Grace Marx was accused of cruel murder of the owner and his mistress. Grace's comrade was executed, but the girl herself was found insane and left to moo around prisons and mental hospitals. Psychiatrist Simon Jordon will try to help Grace to restore the events of that terrible night, about which she does not remember anything.
This story happened in fact, and the whole truth was never revealed.
The script was written by Margaret Atwood herself and Oscar nominee Sarah Polley. The main role played by Sarah Gadon.

"By illness"

Start: November 7

A British comedy series about a guy who thought he had cancer, and when he found out that the doctor was wrong, he did not tell anyone about it.It is sometimes pleasant to be ill, we know this from childhood. Everyone is tiptoed around, pampered and not loaded with deeds. Failed Daniel decided that the disease will help him in all areas of life - and it happened. The showrunners of the project, which was already extended for the second season, are Nat Sanders and James Serafinovitz, director Matt Lipsi.
In the role of a lying loser - red Rupert Grint, known as Ron Weasley. The most unprofessional oncologist in the world was played by Nick Frost, the cruel boss Don Don Johnson, and his beautiful daughter unexpectedly Lindsay Lohan.

"Man of the Future"

Exit: November 14

Comedy project service Hulu about the cleaner, who did not succeed in anything other than a futuristic online game. When Josh did the almost impossible and got to the last level, two aggressive characters of this toy came to him and announced that he had passed the test. Now Josh is the chosen one, his mission is to penetrate the past and get rid of the scientist whose research will lead to the destruction of the world. By chance, this scientist studies the problem of herpes in the very center where Josh washes the floors.
The absurd storyline is part of the charm of the series, which executive producers were Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Starring Josh Hutcherson. All thirteen episodes of the series will be released simultaneously.

"Forgotten by God"

Exit: November 22

The Netflix series Western from producer Steven Soderbergh, whose “Nicerkoker Hospital” has become a very successful project, and director and screenwriter Scott Frank.
The action takes place in 1884 in the Wild West. Fate leads the bandit Frank Griffin, who is looking for his partner who has set him up, to the town where only some women are charged. To resist the thugs, the entire female population of the city to unite. In the role of a pitiful criminal, Jeff Daniels with a beard. Former gangster - handsome Jack O’Connell. One of the residents of the town is still the aristocratic Michel Dockery.

"The Amazing Mrs. Maizel"

Start: November 29

The new series Amazon about the pretty girl Miriam Mayzel from the traditional Jewish family. The society dictates Miriam to behave in a certain way: to graduate from college, get married, have children. Only now the girl’s talent is to make people laugh, a stand-up comedian disappears in her. Given that the action of the series takes place in the 60's, the girl will have to punch her way onto the stage with a breast in the truest sense of the word.
The writers and directors of the series are the married couple Daniel Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino, who made Gilmore Girls.In the role of the amazing Mrs. Misel - Rachel Brosnahan, who played the unfortunate Rachel Posner in the "House of Cards".