Weather in Anapa in July - reviews of tourists and information from the local population. Weather forecast - what will be July 2016 in Anapa


Based on years of research and meteorological observations, a preliminary forecast of the weather center says that the weather in Anapa in July 2016 will please moderately high air temperatures and will not force locals and guests of the wonderful resort to languish from intense heat and high humidity. The aggressiveness of the heat is neutralized by the gentle Black Sea, and the ridge of the Caucasus Mountains, encircling the southern town, will not allow gusty winds to spoil the mild atmosphere of a subtropical climate, similar to what tourists say, in many ways with the legendary Italian and French Riviera.
The average air temperature at the beginning of the month will be kept at + 26 ... + 28 ° C, but by the end, it will most likely reach + 30 ... 32 ° C. The water will warm up to + 24 ° C and exceed the estimated indicators of the eternal "competitor" of Anapa Sochi. It rains very little, and the clouds will so rarely cover the sun that they do not interfere with a full and comfortable summer vacation.

What is the usual weather in Anapa in July - the forecasts and observations of the hydrometeorological center

When weather forecasters ask what the usual weather in Anapa is in July, they answer with one word - excellent. And how can you say it differently, because during the day thermometers show quite comfortable for a beach holiday + 26 ... + 28 ° C, and at night the temperature drops to gentle-cool + 18 ... + 20 ° C. Walking in the evening city in this weather is quite nice, but you do not need to carry a jacket or a warm jacket. It is enough just to wrap your shoulders in a thin scarf, and no cold will ever get to you.


Umbrella to take with you there is no point. Even if thunderstorms suddenly appear on the resort, they continue for a very short time and within half an hour after a heavy rain, the sun looks out of the fluffy clouds and literally in a few minutes it dries the streets, parks and beaches dry.The air acquires extraordinary freshness and is saturated with seductive aromas of fragrant herbs and bright, southern flowers.

The winds at this time almost do not bother visitors, and rare weak storms end as quickly as they begin, and do not spoil the overall picture of the rest.

Weather in Anapa in July - water temperature at the beginning and at the end of the month

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When the weather in Anapa in July is warm and sunny, the water temperature rises very quickly and, literally, in a few days, it reaches + 23 ... 24 ° C. If the air warms up to a record + 33 ... + 35 ° C, the sea also does not lag behind and gradually pulls up the indicators of water to + 25 ... + 26 ° C. This period of time is considered the most favorable and comfortable for long bathing not only adults but also children of preschool age. Mommies do not worry that the child will catch a cold, and allow him to sit in water as much as he pleases.

July storms are extremely rare. They, as a rule, fly suddenly, churn the waves and lift sludge from the bottom. Water at such moments acquires a yellowish-green hue and looks quite attractive. However, during the day the element calms down and after a couple of days the sea again becomes gentle turquoise and inviting.

Weather in Anapa in July 2016 - what the weather forecasters promise



From the preliminary forecasts of the weather center, based on statistical data for the last 8 years, it follows that the weather in Anapa in July 2016 will be clear, dry and rather hot. At the beginning of the month, thermometers will show + 28 ° C in the afternoon, and the end will reach + 30 ° C. There is a great chance that in the very last days of July (from 25 to 31 numbers) the temperature will slightly increase and amount to + 31 ... + 32 ° C.

Nights will be pleased by pleasant warmth (+20 ... +22 ° C) and almost total windlessness. A light north-west breeze will be roaring only in the morning, however, its speed will not exceed 4.2 m / s.

The water temperature will warm up to comfortable + 23 ... + 24 ° C, and by the middle of the month can reach + 25 ... 26 ° C. If this happens, Anapa, finally, will be able to “plug in the belt” of Sochi and entice all fans of beach procedures and long sea bathing to himself.

There will be almost no rain. Meteorologists report that the probability of precipitation is extremely low and do not assume more than 5 cloudy days per month.

How true this prediction will be, you can find out by visiting Anapa in the month of July, or by reading reviews from rested people in this wonderful, hospitable place on popular tourist resources.