What a gift to make for 15 years?

Birthday is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year. And everyone is waiting for him - from small to large. It is impossible to imagine this celebration without gifts, and it is especially nice when you receive them yourself. But today we are talking about choosing a presentation for a teenager. And this task is not easy. What will be necessary and useful in 15 years, we will tell further.

No longer a child

Adolescence is a very important period, because a child no longer feels like that, and fully tries on the role of an adult. Therefore, the first thing to remember when preparing for a celebration is to choose a gift according to age.

And the easiest way to do this is if you know what a grown-up boy or girl is fond of, what he likes, what he dreams about. Listen to everything he says, and you will get an answer to your question. And, most likely, not one.

First, let's summarize, and consider universal options that will suit any teenager:

  1. Gadgets and useful devices. The modern generation of young people is deeply integrated into the information environment, so you can not do without phones, tablets and other similar equipment.Headphones with a microphone, fitness bracelet, portable speakers for cycling, gaming mouse, prefix - all this will take pride of place in the personal belongings of the child.
  2. Clothing. On her 15th birthday, a teenager will surely be happy with the thing she has long dreamed of. This is the time of first acquaintance with the opposite sex and self-expression, so suggest that you go shopping together. But do not even try to impose your opinion, let me choose the desired gift.
  3. Presents impressions. If you think that the child has enough and everything, then you can stop your choice on something more original. For example, it can be a ticket to a summer camp, a trip to the water park, a subscription to the gym or a certificate for visiting the master class, paintball club, riding club. The time spent in this way will give a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions.
  4. Card with a certain amount of money. At this age the child is uniquely familiar with pocket money. Well, now it's time to give an opportunity to grow up in financial terms. Allow the child to dispose of the money at his discretion, monthly lodging on the card a small amount.You can consolidate knowledge about financial literacy by giving an additional opportunity to attend a seminar, for example, how to plan a budget and save money.

Gifts by interests

In this case, of course, have to work hard. To please a teenager is not easy, but it is possible:

  • those who are interested in music will definitely enjoy the ticket to the concert of their favorite performer;
  • sports boys and girls will love bicycles, skateboards, rollers, home exercise equipment;
  • The children who have joined youth subcultures will love themed gifts, and if the parents have not been allowed to get a piercing or tattoo before, and will agree to this on a holiday, there will be no limits to happiness.

Such different adolescents

Despite the diversity of common interests, the choice of a present is still dependent on gender. Therefore, let's find out what can be presented on the basis of this criterion:

To the girl

If the choice fell not on one of the universal gifts, then in the event that parents choose it, it can be a care or decorative cosmetics, a set for a manicure, a hairdryer or an iron for styling hair.

Often at this age, girls like to have a little friend - a miniature dog, chinchilla or rabbit.Especially since age allows you to impose all responsibilities for the care of a pet on the birthday woman.

Among intangible gifts there may be a certificate for a photo session or a festive party for friends. A special place among the presents can take a portrait of the birthday girl.

And what can friends give? Excellent options - a stylish case for your favorite gadget, a T-shirt with an interesting inscription or designer décor, costume jewelry, useful accessories - a cosmetics bag, a jewelry box.

A girl who is fond of handicrafts will probably like even inexpensive, but very useful materials for her beloved work.

The guy

Who, if not the parents, can please his son with an expensive, but such a wonderful gift - parachute jumping, riding a quad bike, going to the mountains. Of course, if the child has a craving for extreme sports. For young musicians, new instruments or related accessories will be very useful.

Jewelry - a chain or a bracelet can also become a topical present.

In the case when you need to choose a gift for a friend's birthday, practical and useful options will work - the original flash drive, piggy bank,interesting puzzles, board games, cool T-shirts, baseball caps, or funny gadgets like a runaway alarm clock or a USB heated mug.

As you can see, there is something to choose from. But here, as in all other cases, a simple rule applies - it is not the gift that is more important, but your attitude towards the birthday boy / birthday girl. And remember - every detail in the process of organizing a holiday is very important. And so that your matured child remains quite a holiday, be sure to consult with him in the process.

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