What does a woman need?

As men love to joke, women are extremely unpredictable creatures and often do not know what they want. It is sometimes difficult to disagree with such a statement. But there are some things without which the fair sex simply cannot feel happy. In this article we will figure out what a woman needs for happiness.


In our pragmatic age, this item, thanks to the romantic nature of lovely ladies, continues to be in the first place. And it is not only about feelings on the part of a man: a woman needs both to receive and give love. And in all spheres of her life. To feel happy, she must be confident both in her own feeling and in the deep affection of her beloved. Such confidence allows her to gain wings. You can read more about this in our article What Women Like.

In addition, it is very important for a female representative to love her job or what she does. In the opposite case, they either give up and don�t want to do anything, or the woman herself walks darker than a cloud and falls on her loved ones.In fact, love should be in everything that a woman sees and does - starting with preparing a dinner for the family and ending with a lullaby for the night for a sleepy baby. And Yengibarov was right when he wrote that �a woman, if she does not know how to love, ceases to be a woman�.


This item could also be called �Stability�, �Security�, �Security�, �Security�, �Care�, since all these concepts are the answer to the question of what is necessary for happiness for a woman. By nature, the female sex is more cautious, if not reasonable. Therefore, he seeks to maximally protect himself and his family from all that is bad (even fictional!)

First of all, a woman is looking for a reliable man who can be relied on in any situation. When she does not find such support, she involuntarily turns into a �stone wall�. But that does not make her happy. A woman does not need to solve problems on her own and give orders at work as a stern boss, she needs to know that there is someone who will protect her from any disaster. Believe me, a happy woman can be strict if that is what her business requires, but not harsh!

This should also include financial security and stability. Many men ask how much a woman needs money to be completely happy. Of course, we can say that the more the better. But this does not mean that the millions in bank accounts are a guarantee of female happiness. Ideally, a woman needs to be confident in the future and in her man.


This is not about world popularity, although the desire of the female sex to fame has not been canceled. Rather, a woman needs attention, compliments, affection, which are for her recognition that she is the one and only. This is very important for a woman to find spiritual harmony and self-confidence. Believe me, she will respond to this attitude with unlimited gratitude. Read more about this in our article What a Girl Needs.

Recognition of her need and at work. Praises from the authorities and all kinds of encouragement (if only in words) give a woman an incentive to work, getting pleasure from it. It is very important for each representative of the fair sex to feel that she is irreplaceable - both for her chosen one and for her superiors and colleagues.