What are dangerous cats?

It would seem, what danger can come from such a fluffy and gently purring glomerulus, like a cat. And yet she is, and not alone. If you are the owner of one of the cat family, then be sure to find out how dangerous cats are.


This is one of the most dangerous feline diseases. It leads to damage to the nervous system and, as a result, to death. The infection enters the body of the animal through a bite. Sometimes the disease can proceed silently and imperceptibly. Remember that rabies cannot be cured. Only a rabies vaccine can help, which must be done no later than 72 hours after the bite. Therefore, annually should be stabbing your cat vaccinations against rabies. This is established by law. In rural areas, where the risk of rabies infection is highest, a veterinarian often makes a round of homes for free vaccinations of animals.

"Cat scratches"

Diseases of cats that are dangerous to humans include a disease called cat scratch disease. It is transmitted to a person with a bite or even a small scratch.The main symptoms of this disease are swelling or swelling at the site of a scratch or bite, swollen lymph nodes, a long non-healing bite ulcer, and increased body temperature. This disease is treated with antibiotics, which should be prescribed only by a doctor.


The causative agent of this disease lives in the cat's intestines. Cysts of parasites are in the feces of the cat. Toxoplasma cysts are removed from the intestines of the animal, fall to the ground, then spread with wind, water, transport wheels and the soles of passersby. It should be noted that only 1 gram of cat feces contains about 20 million cysts, and many people in the body have Toxoplasma, which is waiting for the right moment to start an active life. In humans, toxoplasmosis is accompanied by destruction of the tissues of the organs. It is extremely dangerous to damage the brain, which is often associated with mental and neurological disorders. Experts associate the development of neurological and mental disorders with brain damage toxoplasma. The most dangerous cats for a pregnant woman are toxoplasma cats.If a pregnant woman becomes infected with this disease, it can lead to fetal developmental defects. It is worth noting that the signs of congenital toxoplasmosis can be detected only after a few years.


Chlamydia is exactly what dangerous cats are for pregnant women. In the cat's body is one type of this pathogen, which is transmitted by airborne droplets, which means a high risk of infection. Because of the ingestion of chlamydia in the human body, various diseases can occur, ranging from a runny nose and conjunctivitis to pneumonia and meningitis. These diseases are resistant to a specific range of antibiotics, so the treatment of diseases becomes quite long and may be accompanied by various complications.


In the body of the cat is a lot of different parasites. If there are worms in their intestines, they can easily get on the cat's paws or wool, and from there “migrate” to the carpet, floor, sofa and human hands, through which infection occurs. In order to protect yourself and your pet from these parasites, you should conduct a joint intake of histogenic drugs every six months.

What is dangerous cat bite

The wounds left by the cat's teeth on the human body are very thin and deep.For this reason, it is quite difficult to process them completely. Such wounds are often accompanied by complications. They are very painful and heal for a long time. If you are bitten by a cat, you must immediately wash and disinfect the wound. It should be remembered that the probability of infection is high, because a huge number of microbes accumulate on the teeth of cats. Quite often, bites can be accompanied by such infections as cytomegalovirus and osteomyelitis. If the bite is made close to the joint, then arthritis is likely to occur. But the most dangerous complications and consequences of a cat bite are hepatitis, pneumonia, encephalitis, as well as eye diseases.

Also quite a lot of danger are stray animals. If you out of pity wanted to shelter a homeless kitten, you should not immediately let him into your house on the bed. First you need to buy it, bring it to the vet and treat it if necessary. Indeed, not only the health of your pet, but also your own depends on your correct actions.