What are frictions?

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
November 26, 2014
What are frictions?

Frictions in the period from the Latin means "friction". Consider the meaning of the word, focusing more on the sexological meaning.


The word friction has several meanings:

  1. Friction (mechanical) - synonymous with the word "friction", means the process of interaction of two different or identical bodies in their movement.
  2. Frictions (sexological) - the movement of a partner during sexual intercourse, namely, the reciprocation of the male member inside the woman's vagina, from the beginning of the input to the partner's ejaculation. In the process of friction with the penis on the vaginal walls, the genital erogenous zones are stimulated, and the excitation of nerve endings increases and accumulates, resulting in ejaculation in a man and a woman's orgasm.

The number of frictions during intercourse

According to scientific data, the average number of committed progressive frictions with an intimate connection duration of 3 minutes. 34 s is 62 times. The greatest number - 270 times.

In modern society, the duration of sexual intercourse has increased and averages up to 5-10 minutes, while the number of completed full-fledged reciprocating frictions is 25-30 times per minute.

Varieties of frictions

During the intimate intercourse, frictions differ in:

  • frequency: fast and slow.
  • range of motion: deep and superficial.
  • intensity: strong and weak.
  • rhythm: rhythmic and erratic.

It is recommended to use various combinations of frictions to satisfy your partner and slow down and stop for longer intercourse.

Now you know what frictions are.