What can be done from Lego yourself

Famous children's designers LEGO has long produced in Denmark the company of the same name. For the first time, plastic parts were patented by LEGO back in 1958. Each Lego set represents these very plastic parts of the most different dimensions; any part at the same time can easily attach to another similar one with the help of pins located on it in the upper part.

Every year models of LEGO kits were improved, and children (and adults too) were often interested in what could be made of Lego: such as creating a gun or any other weapon, tank or robot. Currently, the choice of sets is huge: on the counters you can see all sorts of additional elements for designers: figures of animals, birds and people, various game details: trees, coins, trunks and much more.

Designers Lego can be thematic: "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Harry Potter" and other sets associated with this or that adventure film. Perhaps the greatest demand is the model of the whole city or Lego City.

How to make a weapon from Lego, tank or robot. Instruction

  1. First of all, it is necessary to purchase the Lego designer himself. Any of the structures listed in the header can be fairly easily assembled using Lego elements. The set may be standard.
  2. To show your child how to make a pistol, machine gun or any other Lego weapon, it is best to start with small details. What is good about this constructor is that a one-year-old child can play with it: the details are not so small as to get into the airways. Basically, almost all Legov kits are recommended for children aged 4-5 years.
  3. Corresponding instructions will be given to any Lego set, how to do this or that thing (tank, robot, etc.). Having carefully studied the description, you can easily assemble a designer. The manual with instructions is noteworthy because it shows the assembly stages of the toy as simply as possible, and the colorful illustrations will surely delight the children.
  4. Using the example of Lego City (Lego City), it is likely that several sets of Lego will be required, since in this case it is necessary to create buildings, structures and other urban or rural elements.The toy is often interesting not only for children, but also for adults.

What else can be made of Lego or Lego in everyday life

Surprisingly, the plastic elements of the famous Danish designer game can be used not only in the creation of various things, but also used for ... everyday purposes. For example, parts can be used as molds for creating ice. You just need to pour water into them and put in the freezer, and then use ice with a knife to remove ice from every detail.

Other equally interesting applications of designer elements are to create fridge magnets, candles, camera housings, a webcam, flash cards, an mp3 player and other gadgets. Lego parts are even used as molds for making soap!

New Lego sets - new features

Crafts from Lego are becoming more sophisticated and futuristic. New sets of various series like LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 allow you to create a design not only from the usual standard parts, but also from gears, chains, various connecting elements, electronic sensors and even a programming unit. How to make a robot is no longer a question!

Lego has always cared for its fans and has created a number of amusement parks, reminiscent of Disneyland Paris. In “Legositi” and “Legoland”, children and adults can look at interesting buildings, ride interesting, breathtaking attractions and try their hand at creating various structures and entire cities.