What can you do the tracks in the country?

Cottage is a place where you so want to relax and rest. And to be here was nice, you should pay special attention to the development of landscape design. An important stage is the arrangement of the tracks. And they can be made from both specialized and inexpensive and affordable materials.

What can you do?

The tracks in the country with their own hands can be made from a variety of materials. We offer interesting ideas.

Paving stones or paving tiles

The paving slabs and a stone blocks are one of the most reliable and durable materials as are intended especially for a paving. The design can be very diverse, so the tracks will look neat, attractive and unusual. In addition, the paving is quite simple to lay. But the only drawback of such material is its relative high cost.

How to lay a sidewalk tile?

  1. First, you need to mark the future track.
  2. Then dig a trench 10-15 centimeters deep.
  3. Install the formwork. To do this, fasten fairly wide boards on the sides of the trench. They will fix the concrete and prevent it from penetrating beyond the track.
  4. Install the so-called sand cushion, which will not allow concrete to penetrate into the ground and settle. Just roll in the sand and tamp it. The thickness of the layer should be approximately 5 centimeters.
  5. Next, prepare the cement-sand mixture and pour it over the sand.
  6. Start laying paving stones. Lay it carefully so that the track is smooth.


You can make reliable and even original tracks from concrete. Such material is one of the most durable and reliable. In addition, the arrangement of the concrete path is quite simple and usually does not take much time.

How to make a concrete track? It's simple. First make the markings, then dig the trench (its depth will be about 10 centimeters) and arrange the formwork. Do not forget about the sand pillow. Next, pour concrete, level and just wait.

If you want to make the track more original and unusual, then show imagination. Interesting options:

  • You can make a lot of different traces on the surface of the concrete, using blanks (you can make them yourself from thick cardboard).But the tracks should not be too deep, so that no one stumbled along the path.
  • Instead of traces, you can make other patterns, for example, flowers. For this also use the molds-billet.
  • You can purchase a special form for arranging the relief path.
  • To make an abstract or geometric pattern, you can use a flexible bar. Just place it arbitrarily until the concrete dries.

A rock

Stone paths look interesting and bright, so this material is used by many. It is reliable, durable and practical, but its installation is a rather long and laborious process. It is best to choose gravel, and it is smooth, otherwise it will not be very comfortable to walk along the path. It is advisable to lay the stone on the concrete, this will make the coating as durable and durable as possible.

How to make a stone walkway? There are several ways to do this:

  • Lay the stones flat. First, dig a trench with a depth of 15 centimeters, build a formwork and equip a sand pillow. Next, pour the concrete-sand mixture and start laying stones. You can do this in any order.But patterns made from stones of different colors will look much more interesting. And in order for the pictures to be neat, think over them in advance and draw up detailed diagrams. Fill the spaces between the stones with concrete.
  • Stack stones with edge. Yes, it is long and rather difficult, but the result is worth it. To make packing it is necessary gradually, parts, differently the greater part of the concrete filled in at once will dry up prematurely. Fill the area, separate it with a board so that the mixture does not spread. Lay the gravel, then go to the next section. You can make laying horizontally, in the direction of the track, in a circle or in the form of simple patterns.


You can make an interesting track practically from scrap materials, for example, from fragments of old tiles. It is better to make its laying on concrete too, it is more reliable, practical and convenient. First make the markings, arrange the formwork and sand cushion, then pour the concrete. Next, start laying tile.

Most often, fragments are used, so before packing, you need to reunite them to avoid large voids. To do this, lay out the tile in advance, so that after casting the concrete, simply transfer the coating to the desired place.

By the way, not every tile will do. Ideal - durable facade.In addition, its surface should be matte, as the glossy track will be very slippery, especially in rainy weather.


It will be interesting to look tracks from a tree. You can make them in two ways:

  1. Use the boards. First, cut them into segments of equal length and cover with antiseptic and high-quality varnish, this is to protect the material from rotting and swelling. Allow the material to dry completely. Next, make a markup and dig a trench. You can place items in several ways. The first - laying on concrete. In this case, equip the formwork and sand cushion, pour concrete and just lay the boards on it, bringing them as close to each other as possible. The second way - laying with pegs. Prepare wooden pegs (one for each board), glue them along the edges of each board (you can put them in the holes prepared in advance), and then place the elements in the right places so that the pegs enter the ground. By choosing this method, the trench can not dig, then the track will be voluminous.
  2. You can use the so-called wooden chocks (low hemp). They can also be laid on concrete or with pegs.Between the individual elements will certainly remain voids, you can fill them with earth, concrete or, for example, gravel.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations:

  • Using inexpensive materials, do not forget about quality, because the path must be durable and reliable.
  • Combine different materials. For example, boards can be combined with gravel, it will look very original.
  • Do not walk on the track immediately after its arrangement. Give it a secure fit, otherwise the coating will be uneven and of poor quality.

Use interesting ideas and fantasy to make interesting and unusual tracks!

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