What can be seen in the cinema in June 2018?

Cinema fans are always looking forward to the emergence of new products. And this summer will be rich at the premiere. To know in advance which sessions are worth booking tickets, we suggest that you find out the list of the most interesting pictures.

Expected new items

It is worth stocking up with popcorn and free time, because film crews are already quite ready to present their work. Which ones are worth seeing?

Jurassic World 2

The first part of this picture two and a half years ago became one of the most profitable in the history of cinema. What to expect from the second part? The tragic events unfolding in the previous film in the amusement park have long been forgotten. Dinosaurs roam free on Nublar Island. But this sensitive silence is suddenly broken by a suddenly awakened volcano, the eruption of which threatens both people and reptiles.

8 Ocean Girlfriends

One of the most anticipated films of 2018. Remember the 10 friends of Danny Ocean, with whom he masterfully robs several Las Vegas casinos? Directors and screenwriters decided to continue this theme, but this time with women in the lead roles.

The most famous of them are Sandra Bullock, Keith Blanchett, Anne Hathaway.

The idea is the same, but the story line and the details, of course, are maximally matched for women's interests. Debbie Ocean, Danny Oushen's sister, also comes out of prison, collects a gang of girlfriends with whom she is going to steal the most expensive necklace in the world right from the neck of her possessor. And they will definitely succeed.


A film for those who like to tickle your nerves. The combination of horror and detective make the picture quite interesting. In the center of the plot is Annie, experiencing the loss of a mother.

But the pain of loss is covered by horrible secrets that the mother has hidden all her life. Now not only Annie, but her whole family is facing a curse.

Trying to save relatives, the main character, holds a seance with the departed relatives, which becomes the biggest mistake. After all, otherworldly forces are becoming even more powerful.

Future world

Thriller in the style of post-apocalypse. The only place on Earth where people can still live is Oasis, a young man has to leave, trying to save his mother. He needs to get a semi-mythical medicine, for which he must go to the world of the Wasteland.The company will make him a robot, and together they will go the hard way, full of danger and murderers.

The dystopian picture promises to be truly exciting, if only because of its star cast: Mila Jovovich, James Franco, Lucy Liu, Snoop Dogg.

Every new day

To many, the 16-year-old schoolgirl's love story for a certain spirit A, which appears daily in different images, may seem like an invention. Yes, and the girl herself at first seemed funny. But when she began to notice family traits in random fellow travelers, classmates, and just other people, next to whom she felt the warmth of a soul mate, she believed in its existence.

But everyday changes can not last forever. In an attempt to finally be together, the lovers will face the harsh reality.

The Incredibles 2

An interesting family animated film that will cheer everyone up. This is a continuation of the story of Mr. Exceptional and his family, in which each of the members has superpowers.

The head of the family in the second part will have to go through a lot of difficulties, while his wife makes a career of a TV star. Now journalists are constantly on duty around the house, and Helen regularly appears on blue screens.

Of course, in such conditions, there is no time to think about children and the house. This role is assumed by Mr. Exclusive.But if he only knew how difficult it would be.

Escape plan 2

Continuation of the story of Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stalone) - a well-known master of the organization of shoots even from the most reliable and harsh prisons of the world. One day a member of the group he directs is kidnapped and sent to a prison equipped with the latest technology.

Breslin decides to challenge this task, connecting his old friends to this.

At the mercy of the elements

The film is a disaster, the main place in which is love. The chance meeting of the protagonists in Tahiti became fatal. Love swept them in her own wave. Flaming with feelings, Tami and Richard decide to go on a trip to the ocean on a luxury yacht.

But the waves of love are replaced by real waves of an incredible storm, as a result of which lovers balance on the verge of life and death.


In June, also the second part of the "Killer" fighter with Benicio Del Toro appeared on the screens in 2015 in the title role. Drug trafficking on the border of two countries - Mexico and America, has reached its apogee. That's why FBI agent Matt Graver will have to ask for help from a famous former member of the Mexican drug cartel to act together.

Caution: Gramp!

Easy and pleasant animated fairy tale, full of adventure.Evil Gramp - a resident of a fairy-tale country, sends boredom and longing to the Kingdom. The brave and gentle Princess Dawn decides to help her people to find the key that can eliminate these misfortunes.

But alone she can not cope. Then Terry comes to the aid of the Princess - a boy from the real world who adored grandmother's tales of incredible heroes of a fairy-tale country, and now he has the opportunity to see them, and even to help.

Still thinking whether to go to the movies for the premiere? Definitely, yes.