What can be written in interest?

Many users of social networks are interested in how to design your page, what data to lay out for viewing by other users. One of these fields to fill in is a field called “Interests”. That it is possible to write in interests, our article will tell.

In this section you can write, for example:

  1. About your hobbies. It can be basketball, football or chess;
  2. Tell what you like to do most in your free time;
  3. You can write in which groups or organizations you are a member.

Also, what to write in the interest, you need to think carefully. Just sit down and collect your thoughts. Having done this, you will definitely find something that interests you. You do not have to ask the question in the forums: interests in contact, what to write?

Section design

In addition, the section "Interests" must somehow be issued. After all, it is important not only what to write in the interests of the sections, but also whether it is available for reading by another person. That is why it is very convenient and practical to arrange this section in the form of so-called tags.It is also recommended to do so that users whose interests coincided could find one another through a quick search. If you have not encountered the concept of "tags", we give an example. Interests in contact, what to write: auto, sea, computers, beach, girls, boys and so on. It should also be mentioned that tags should be arranged separated by a comma or a period, if possible, in one or two words. Below we give examples of just such short designs.

Ready design for your section

Here are some examples of ready-made collections for girls and boys about what to write in the interests section:

  1. Sea. Summer. The sun. Rain;
  2. Sky. Race. Stars. Night;
  3. Givenchy. Hugo Armani;
  4. Friend. Dad. Mama. Friend;
  5. Romanticism. Spring. Love;
  6. Arms. Lips. Nails;
  7. Cottages. Chocolate. Parties;
  8. Impeccability Perfume Style. Perfect manicure;
  9. Nelly. Solaar. Coolio;
  10. Gentle tan. Smile. Beauty. A photo;
  11. Dream of flying. Height;
  12. Books The Internet. ICQ. Vkontakte;
  13. Creative things. New fashion;
  14. Fire. Flame. Bonfire. Passion;
  15. Cars. Sport. Race;
  16. Chess. Music. Games;
  17. Paintball. Leisure. Adrenalin;
  18. Weapon Layouts. Collecting;
  19. Biology. Mathematics.Popular science;
  20. How to do ...? How does it work…?

Word sets

Also “Interests” can be arranged in the form of a simple set of words in a long sentence, which in itself does not make sense, for example:

Family, photography, travel, smiles, life, sports, children, soul, joy, luck, love, computer, business, photoshop, travel, religion, people, movies, high spirits, television, chocolate, harmony, sea, tourism, cars , Italian, mountains, Italy, summer, music, socializing, dancing, fashion;


music, shopping, movies, ice cream, twister, fantasy, watching TV, perfume, chatting on the phone, Swarovski, cosmetics, salute, sea, sunset, starry sky, friends, internet, dancing, fashionable clothes, money, kosaki, pioneball, fun, party, key chains on mobile, expensive cars, laughter, milk chocolate, rain, theater, soft toys, travel, chess, friends, communication, contact, relatives, milk cocktails, family ties, intrigues, Diroi Senses, sea, expensive hotels , yachts, Danissimo Fantasy, sun, hairpins, rubber bands, bracelets, swimming pool, stationery s, shampoos, Terranova, hats, Zara, Mango, Stradivarius, bags, jeans, hoodie, water, books, beach chairs, valentine,fast food, strawberries, flowers, bananas, tasty food, beautiful clothes, costume jewelry, cosmetics, animals, guinea pigs, I love iPhone 3G, photography.

This list can be continued ad infinitum; therefore, only the most popular, basic interests that people write on various social networks are listed here.

It is also fashionable to write your interests in the form of a question, for example:

  1. What awaits the Earth in the future?
  2. How to live tomorrow?
  3. How will the prices of “list what interests you” change?
  4. How to name a pet?
  5. Where to spend the weekend? and much more.

Now you know what you can write in the interests of any social network you like!