What can you think of a nickname?

September 13, 2012
What can you think of a nickname?

It so happened that in blogs, forums, social networks, people often use nicknames (nicknames) or pseudonyms. Someone just uses a different name and a fictional surname, and someone long puzzles, what can you think of a nickname, so that it is still beautiful and original. The material of this article is for those originals who want to show a creative spirit, but are not yet able to do it themselves. What kind of nickname you can think of a girlfriend or boyfriend is a topic of conversation for the next 15 minutes.

Nickname: ideas, options, examples

We will give specific examples and give ideas for the creative flight of thoughts.

Choosing a nickname, you can focus, for example, on your status at the moment, if it is important to you. For example, the status of a free girl, a guy; student status; working status; professional status, etc.

For example: * Romeo without Juliet * or * Margarita without a master * (if, for example, you are in search of your happiness in the person of another person); * Best wife *; * In love with Spring *; *Eternal student*; * The same (same) *; * Seller of happiness *.

You can use nicknames in a foreign language, often look and sound impressive: "Lady in Red"; "Happy"; "Sun in your hand", etc. Experiment with different languages: French, Italian - they are romantic, especially suitable in choosing a nickname for a girl.

Think of your main features. What do you value? What notice? And maybe they reproach something, and you, as a wise man, are you not going to deny?

For example: * Harmful *; * Mysterious *; * Fluffy tenderness *; * Patriot yourself *; * Affectionate misunderstanding *; * Angel in boots *; * 3D happiness *; * Frozen kindness *; * Your hostess (your host) *; * Your boyfriend (girlfriend) *; * Spy (s) *. All options can be translated into your favorite foreign language. It is only advisable to check the accuracy of the translation, you understand that from the transposition of words in a foreign language (where this is important), the meaning of a nickname may change.

What can you think of a nickname yet. Just beautiful words (usually for girls): Flower; BeautifuL; ButterfLy. Umbrella sounds beautiful - although it's just an umbrella. But can you somehow tie it to yourself, for example, simply by adding "Your" (your umbrella, like saving you from thunderstorms and bad weather, for the guy is very much nothing).

Nick can represent an interesting variation of your name in combination with an unusual spelling.As for guys, foreign letters are more often used in spelling with alternation, for example, large and small letters, or other selections (emphasis on any part). For example: Lada - Marmelade; Masha - ROMASK; Ninka-Malinka; Zemfira - Marshmallow; Ksyuha-Pechenyuha; Ira - Toffee; Sonya - KISONKA.

Now it's your turn. Share ideas in the comments.