What decorations will be the best birthday present

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

You look at the calendar and you understand: every month or even more often the birthday of someone important to you - someone's anniversary, a holiday with a family party, a romantic dinner or a friendly party in honor of the birthday man or birthday girl. The situation is overshadowed by only one small headache: for each hero or heroine of the day you will have to pick up an original gift. And it is desirable not that the first thing that comes to mind (otherwise there will be gift repetitions!), And not that you gave him or her last year. We turn on the fantasy, add a little psychology and a share of good taste - and the problem will be solved once or twice or three.
We have prepared for you our list of jewelry and accessories that are ready to win hearts and at the same time will not cost you in a state.

Watch on a metal bracelet

Do not believe the superstitions that the clock gives to separation.We are sure that, on the contrary, a stylish watch model as a gift will only strengthen your love and mutual attraction with the culprit (culprit) of the celebration.