What does a guy dream about sex?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
February 25, 2015
What does a guy dream about sex?

As you know, more than 13% of all dreams are about sex. However, their interpretation in men and women has different meanings. We offer to find out what the guy dreams about sex and what can be expected from such a dream.

Before you interpret a dream, you should think about your relationship with the opposite sex. Such dreams are dreams in the first place at a time when the guy does not develop relationships with women because of his insecurity, as well as when he has hidden sexual fantasies that he can not translate into reality.

Sex: interpretation of sleep

  • Sex with a married woman is a harbinger of good luck, which is likely to be associated with a certain risk and danger.
  • Connecting with an incredibly beautiful person - waiting for important and decisive news.
  • Sex with a man is the first sign of subconscious craving for homosexuality.
  • Just copulating with a woman - lack of attention in the real world or sexual dissatisfaction with her chosen one. In this case, you should understand your sexual activity and, perhaps, change your partner.
  • Sex with my wife - troubles and quarrels in family life.
  • Sex with a woman for money (with a prostitute) is a harbinger of some happy event that will be spoiled due to illness.
  • Sex with someone from relatives (sister, mother, aunt, etc.) symbolize the desire to get closer spiritually to these people.
  • Sex with a woman who causes anxiety, foreshadows her death or return, if she is very far away.
  • Sex, ending with an orgasm, foreshadows the successful completion of an important business. If you can not reach orgasm in a dream, then in unfinished business will have a lot of work.