What does the chupacabra look like?

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What does the chupacabra look like?

Messages about an unusual animal appeared for the first time in the 50s of the 20th century in Mexico. However, this news was not widely spread, possibly due to the absence of television and the Internet. You can read more about what this beast is in our article Who is the Chupacabra. Today, interest in this monster was revived. There are legends about his habits and appearance.

What does the chupacabra look like?

Descriptions of the appearance of this creature, compiled by scientists, naturalists, does not exist. Therefore, we have to rely on eyewitnesses.

The first meeting

For the first time a Mexican farmer told about the monster, who found dead goats in his own barn and an irregular animal with a large head and powerful hind legs. On the bodies of the affected animals, the host discovered multiple injuries, from which he suggested that the beast possesses large canines and claws.

Other descriptions

After this incident, the Chupacabra was quickly forgotten, however, 20 years later, stories about an animal unknown to science began to emerge periodically. According to some descriptions, it is completely bald, about a meter tall, or even two.On the large head there are large round eyes, which in the dark shine almost like lanterns.

chupacabraOther eyewitnesses say about the woolly coating of the beast, resembling the color of a sheepdog, sometimes white, brown and black are mentioned. Often they talk about huge clawed lower limbs and underdeveloped upper ones. There are references to thorns on the back, legs and head of the beast.

Most stories speak of fangs. And some people talk about the vampire inclinations of individuals. As if the animal does not touch the meat of the victims, but only completely exsanguinates their bodies with the help of a special device of the front teeth. The absence of blood was also mentioned by the first witness of the appearance of the chupacabra.

In general, the animal looks like a cross between a rat and a coyote with a pig nickname instead of a nose on the face. Many journalists suggest that this may be just a mutated wolf, however, sucking the blood of these animals, of course, is not inherent.

Habits of the beast

Skeptics usually have a question: how did this bloodthirsty beast keep those who were so close that they could see the fangs and spikes on his body? But,chupacabraeyewitnesses have the answer: the animal either didn’t notice them, or, on the contrary, when they caught the eye of a random witness, it disappeared from sight without lightning speed. By the way, amazing speed is another common feature in many stories.

There were no reports of the beast attacking a human being. In all cases, barely seeing the owner of the ruined yard, the beast went in an unknown direction and appeared in another village or village.

In central Russia and Europe, they periodically report a chupacabre beast that does not squeamish chickens and other poultry. In Australia, an incomprehensible creature attacked cows and sheep. The cases of appearance of an individual in nearby settlements, and then its disappearance, draw attention to themselves.

Where dwells chupacabra

It is believed that the Chupacabra is kept away from the big cities, choosing to visit small villages. She lives in caves and other habitats in which she can fit. I don’t stay for a long time in one place, preferring to change places of deployment every 2-3 weeks.

chupacabraHuntsmen can tell about the appearance of unusual animals in their forest areas, there are stories from hunters and fishermen from almost every corner of the earth.In a word, the beast, if it exists, tries to stay away from prying eyes and chooses deserted places to live.

It is believed that the Chupacabra is a creature in the singular, which, in search of food, moves from the mainland to the mainland, adapting to climatic conditions. That is why its appearance changes depending on the temperature regime in the region.