What does the name Lisa mean?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 3, 2015
What does the name Lisa mean?

Elizabeth - the royal, majestic name. The origin of this name is Hebrew, in translation it means "worshiping God."

The name Elizabeth has always been considered royal, and in the Middle Ages girls from the highest circles of society were often named for them. Foreign version of the name Elizabeth - Elizabeth.

Curiosity and cheerfulness

Lisa is a very inquisitive child, her most favorite question is “Why?”. In addition, children with this name are very mobile, cheerful and positive. An adult Elizabeth does not lose her desire to explore the world, she has an active life position, she always has a goal and steadily follows to achieve it. Helps Lisa to achieve the goal of the ability to easily establish contacts and a natural sense of humor.

Pride and touchiness

Elizabeth has high goals, she always wants to be first, always wants to win, and therefore the failures that happen in everyone’s life are going through very hard. Lisa does not like losing, and sometimes she does not know how.

Elizabeth always places high demands on herselfin adolescence, she may develop an inferiority complex if she is not recognized as a leader in the school environment.

Elizabeth's happiness

Elizabeth needs to love and from time to time to prove her love, she needs a relaxed and positive atmosphere in the family. If you want to bring something to Lisa, screaming at her is the worst way to do it. A calm and serious conversation is what she perceives much better. However, it should be borne in mind that Elizabeth can only take the words of people who are truly close to her.


Elizabeth is able to achieve goals, but it is difficult to choose a life path for her. She lives in the present, knows that she can do a lot, and therefore does not focus on one thing. However, Elizabeth can take place perfectly in any field, if, of course, she does not quickly lose interest in her. Lisa enjoys mainly creative professions, as well as those in which you need to help others.

Name Compatibility

Elizabeth in the family appreciates peace, kinship, and tenderness, and she will quietly forgive infidelity if she is frivolous. Elizabeth will get along easily with Alexander, Andrey, Vadim, Grigory, Mikhail, Ivan. Difficult relationships await her with Victor, Valentin, Leonid, Leo and Stanislav.