What does the name Vadim mean?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
September 2, 2011
What does the name Vadim mean?

Vadim is the name your parents called you. Would you like to know about its origin? Today, you will discover the secret of the name Vadim, you will understand how the names affect the fate and personality of a person.

What does the name Vadim

The origin of the name Vadim is shrouded in mystery. According to one of the versions, this name has ancient Russian roots, it comes from the word "vaditi", which means "to accuse", "argue", "to sow discord". And the second version says that the name Vadim is a variant of another ancient Russian name Vladimir, which in turn means "to lead the world."


The baby named Vadimka is all boldly called fidget. This child can not without movement, he always runs, jumps, plays outdoor games. Vadim has just a huge internal energy, which he throws out in his behavior, it gives way to his emotions. Vadim loves his parents very much, does not want to upset them, relations with them are extremely important for him, so he tries to respond to their remarks correctly, but this energy does not give him peace.

Professional activity

First of all, pay attention that Vadim can make a great manager! He gets along well with people, understands them, and also this person is very responsible. Vadim hardworking and incredibly purposeful. In business, he is helped by cunning and prudence, he always brings the matter to the end. Such people never say too much, always seek the location of people.

But there is one weakness. Vadim is a gambling and easily addicted person. He may be addicted to cards, to risk. Be careful with this.

Relationships with women

Here the name Vadim has a difficult meaning ... He has been dating a very long time with one girl and sincerely thinks about marriage with her. But suddenly Vadim can switch to another person and get carried away with it. But when the hour of real love comes, it is serious and for a long time.