What dreams beard in a dream

Not only a man, but also a woman can admire himself in a dream with a beard. This has a special meaning depending on the details of the dream.

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Sleep beard
What does it mean to see a beard in a dream

Female dream book

If a woman sees a beard in a dream, she needs to look at a female dream book: a thick beard of red color signifies the machinations of friends, and a black one means recovery from the disease. To cut someone else's beard is to conceive and make an unseemly act.

Combined dream book

If a woman sees herself in a dream with a beard, she should not be afraid: in the near future she will receive a valuable gift.

Dream book writer Aesop

Meeting in a dream with a man who has a beard of great length is a good omen. In the near future, you will meet a mentor or teacher, wise life experience.

Ancient Persian Dream Book

If a wife sees herself with a beard, one of two things will happen: that if her husband is at home, he will soon leave; if not, then will come home soon. If someone in a dream jerks himself by the beard, then he needs to be ready to repent for committed acts and an unbridled desire to squander his property.If a child sees himself in a dream with a beard, this is a bad omen. A child may die at an early age.

Ukrainian dream book

Sleep. in which you saw a beard - to profit. If it is black - for health, red - a person has many enemies and cunning friends. Hair loss on the beard - grief, grief and trouble. If on the contrary the hair on the beard is thick and strong, it means that the property will increase. Shaving a beard in a dream is a bad omen. One must be willing to experience any loss, injustice or evil.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If a person saw himself in a dream with a beard, it means that soon he will have a good profit. If the beard has suddenly turned gray, get ready, that in reality no one will take into account your sense of justice. If the expectant mother sees a beard in a dream, then she will give birth to a male child. To meet in a dream an old bearded man means meeting a wise mentor. But if the beard was red, you need to be careful. Blackbeard - prophetic dream, warning of surprise. Gray hair on a beard - to honor and respect, red - to trouble.

Dream dream wanderer

If a woman sees herself with a beard, she needs to be prepared for the fact that she will have to endure a loss or breakup. If you dreamed of a child with a beard - he has a special mission in life. If a girl had to see herself in a dream with a beard, this is an auspicious sign: she will soon be married. A man’s long beard is a symbol of his wisdom, power, power and inner strength.