What dreams of a balcony?

February 19, 2015
What dreams of a balcony?

It is sometimes difficult to understand the meaning of your dreams. Consider what dreams of a balcony. Seeing him can expect to increase the work. In addition, the person will be able to easily finish the work begun and get a good profit.

Below we have presented a number of the most varied interpretations of sleep with a balcony.

Dream Decoding

Below are the interpretation of dreams, which feature a balcony.

  • Climbing to the balcony, overcoming the railing - means soon to be involved in risky cases or to undergo tests that will require full responsibility or return.
  • Farewell to her beloved on the balcony indicates that the relationship is on the verge. Any misunderstanding or petty quarrel can cause parting.
  • Balcony warns of troubles that can happen to the dreamer's friends.
  • Everything that happens on the balcony is suspended in the air. If the balcony seen in a dream breaks down - this indicates a danger or a possible accident.
  • Balcony can dream of change and indicate the need to fight for their own position in society.
  • A person who sees himself falling from a balcony can forget about his own dreams, since the probability of their implementation is extremely small.
  • If someone sees himself standing on the balcony, then he has entered a new stage of life and can expect that new opportunities will open up before him.
  • The balcony sometimes acts as a symbol of good intentions, a favorable moment, a very successful investment and a willingness to accomplish difficult things;
  • A foreign balcony indicates a dissatisfaction in love.
  • To see several balconies is to face empty promises or unfulfilled deeds.

Now you know what a balcony can dream about and can interpret your own dream.