Why dream of mushrooms?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
August 7, 2012
Why dream of mushrooms?

Almost every night we see dreams. Much after awakening is forgotten, but sometimes, in a dream, there are such images that crash into memory for a long time. The feelings and sensations of these dreams do not give rest. Since ancient times, people have been trying to find out what these dreams mean. Here we have collected the most popular versions of the interpretation of dreams about mushrooms. What mushrooms dream about depends on the context in which you see them.

  • Collecting mushrooms means that your labors were not in vain and will be rewarded. But not only to this dream of mushrooms - to collect amanitas in a dream means that you are ready to break the law or go the wrong way, be careful - reconsider your behavior and outlook on life.
  • If the mushrooms grow right before your eyes, it means that you will get useful information.
  • If mushrooms in a dream grow in an unusual place for them, this means that you have conceived a risky event. Mushrooms that have grown out of your stuff mean that there will be no change in your life for a long time.
  • If you just saw mushrooms, then you will be given useful advice that will help solve a certain problem.
  • If you walk through the forest, which grows giant mushrooms, it means that you have a lot of vices. Fight them, try to get rid of and get rid of them, and you will live better.
  • An unmarried woman mushrooms, seen in a dream, promise an unsuccessful relationship that will discredit her.
  • The treatment of eating mushrooms in a dream differs in different dream books. Dream Miller, said that you will shameful love. In Tsvetkov's dream book, it promises you a long life in common sense.
  • If in a dream you are a mushroom yourself, it means that in reality you have to perform a very responsible act.
  • If you saw poisonous mushrooms in your dream, it foreshadows that a happy accident will save you in a dangerous situation.
  • To dream of worms is a very unkind sign, expect illness or disasters.
  • Why dream of white fungus? White mushrooms withdraw to longevity.
  • To dream of boletus or other mushrooms with red hats - to the difficult solution of problems that drag on.
  • Mushrooms with black hats dream of sadness and sadness.

Remember that the interpretation of each dream is individual for different people, so try to notice events after unusual dreams, and soon learn to solve them yourself.