Why dream of pies?

Julia Chmykhalo
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Why dream of pies?

Dreams allow us to better understand the different situations from real life. Quite often they come to us with solutions to complex life problems and answers to questions posed. So, many famous scientists found solutions to the most interesting problems for them in their dreams. It is worth noting that many rulers and monarchs turned to the �prophetic� dreams, they tried to find out what was destined for them in the future, and also how their state would be.

In a dream, the human body is at rest, so that the brain can safely "do sorting" the data obtained throughout the day. This allows him to find the most optimal solutions to the most pressing problems, as well as to prompt (sometimes in a figurative form) how to behave in certain life circumstances. In order to most accurately interpret dreams, dream books were developed long ago � special books in which you can find out what a particular object or action in a dream corresponds to in real life.For example, from the dream book you can find out what dreams are about food, clothes or any other things.

What dreams of pies for different dream books?

It should be noted that you should not trust your dreams 100%, as quite often they are not informative.

  • According to the Women's Dream Book, there are pies in a dream - to meet with ill-wishers who can harm you. For a girl who cooks pies in a dream, this is a warning against too flirtatious behavior with men.
  • According to the French dream book, pies are dreamed for the upcoming good event, this is a good sign that symbolizes well-being.
  • According to the Modern Dream Book, pies are dreaming of want and poverty.
  • According to Aesop's dream book, pies are a symbol of well-being, hospitality and friendliness. If you see a lot of different cakes - it portends a pleasant meeting.