What do girls pay attention to?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
February 15, 2013
What do girls pay attention to?

What people of the opposite sex think is a very interesting topic, especially at a young age, when self-esteem is formed and everyone wants to seem better than he really is. And the young men know how to preen themselves just as well as girls, young people are very concerned about what girls pay attention to.


The proverb about the clothes they meet is not born from scratch, it is a perfect truth. Girls always look at how a young man is dressed, whether his clothes are clean, and whether she fits the girl's notions about fashion and style. These clothes should not be old and not suitable for shoes, bags and other accessories. And besides, the young men should always pay attention to socks, this is the most vulnerable part of the men's wardrobe. The color of the socks should match the color of the pants, not the shoes. Best of all, if all three parts (pants, socks and shoes) will be the same color or at least shade. And what should always be perfect is the purity of socks, the absence of holes and smell.Clean hair and nails, by the way, also do not interfere.

Stone wall

This is the nature of man’s nature - men are looking for a long relationship for a woman who can become the mother of his children, and women are looking for a man who can protect her and their children from adversity. A girl can pay attention to the beauty, height, shoulder width of the guy, but subconsciously, she will still appreciate him as her protector. And this is not at all the presence of physical strength. If you find out why girls do not pay attention to you or your friend, then decide for yourself what you can offer the girl to understand your significance? If not physical strength, then what? Are you cheerful, smart, earn a lot, sexy, reliable and faithful? If yes, then demonstrate all your qualities to the girl, and you will see that she immediately changes her attitude towards you. She will understand that she will follow you like a stone wall.


Every girl dreams of a prince who will admire her, her beauty. But in a man she considers character the main advantage. Girls like cheerful, sociable young people who have a good sense of humor.It also attracts honesty and the ability to take care of the family. And girls like talented young men who have interesting hobbies. For example, a guy who knows how to play the guitar will easily attract attention.

Seriousness of intent

Every girl who meets on the way of a young man wants to see herself as the only one for him. But it turns out that the girl dreams of the young man, and the guys dream that they pay attention to the girl. How does it happen and isn't this the reason for the failure of many men? Maybe you should direct all your energy to one girl? She will definitely pay attention to you if she sees that only she alone can inspire you to feats! Charm her, take care of her, inspire her with trust and love. This is the most important thing that girls pay attention to.