What happens if there is a sperm?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
July 19, 2012

Sex is an integral part of our personal life, and what girl does not want to please her young man with good oral sex. But many are wondering - what will happen if there is sperm?

Sperm composition

In order to understand what will happen if you swallow the sperm, you need to figure out what it consists of. Sperm in sperm only 3%. The remaining 97% is the fluid of the seminal vesicles and the secret of the prostate gland. The composition of sperm includes fructose, citric acid, protein, as well as vitamins and trace elements necessary for the health of the body. So do not worry about what will happen if you swallow the sperm.

Although the sperm has a rather specific taste and alkaline pH, that is, if it gets into the mouth from its taste, it can vomit.

Is it possible to get pregnant

There is a myth that if you swallow the sperm, you can get pregnant. But this cannot be true for the simple reason that sperm is organic matter and is digested by stomach enzymes just like any other.

Is it possible to grow stout

Another myth about semen: that they are recovering from it. That also can not be true, because the volume of seminal fluid during ejaculation does not exceed 10 grams - which is three teaspoons. To recover from sperm, it must be consumed in large quantities - like any other food, in principle.

But the semen contains secrets of the prostate gland, male hormones, and the female body can react to it in its own way, here it is individually for everyone.

The benefits of sperm

But the benefits of sperm are much greater, because people think about what will happen if they drink sperm a long time ago. Even in ancient Rome, rich women rubbed the sperm of slaves into the skin to prolong her youth. Now, many cosmetic companies use animal sperm, adding it to the lip gloss and cream, thereby increasing their organic efficiency. In perfumery, animal sperm and secrets are also used to increase the aroma resistance.

Anyway, each person has an individual attitude to semen, it can even be a psychological barrier, and therefore everyone chooses whether to swallow it or not.