What is a farm?

April 2, 2015
What is a farm?

For many people, the word farm is primarily associated with a business enterprise.

In fact, this term has three basic definitions. We consider them in the article. So what is a farm?

Farm in construction

In the construction sector, a farm is a structure whose construction can be made of rods, bars, as well as their combination. Farms are made for the construction of scenes, bridges, they also serve as auxiliary facilities in the construction of houses, buildings, structures and other objects.
If you want to build a farm, you will need to learn how to do it. For reference, we recommend the article How to build a farm. Also quite useful may be the article How to build a roof.

Farm in agriculture

As an agricultural farm object is a collection of all buildings, various types of equipment that are used for agricultural activities. The farm includes livestock enclosures, warehouses and other facilities.
Most often the farm is a private object, a farm analog is a ranch.In the US, this term implies a larger farm. Typically, ranches have very wealthy farmers.

Farm in the computer industry

The term farm uses the concept of a group of servers. They are also called terminal farm. These servers are designed to represent a remote working environment, including applications and the desktop. Servers connect to remote environments using client software.