What is ar?

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What is ar?

To determine the area of the land can be used different units of measurement. Consider what is ap and what are its features. Ap is a hundred square meters of land.

This designation comes from the French concept of "area, surface." In Russia, ar is sometimes called weaving.

Features of magnitude

This unit of measurement is non-systemic. It is used for an unlimited period of time. In the International Organization of Legal Metrology, ar is referred to as units of measure, which are introduced only when it is necessary to apply them.

Ar set as the official measure of the area still in the French Republic. In accordance with the system adopted at that time, they began to measure length in meters, weight in kilograms, and land area in aras.

Derivatives of this value include:

  • hectare;
  • decare

Unlike such a thing as a square meter, ar is rarely used in everyday life. We are more accustomed to measuring land in hectares.

Consider what is ap.Ap is a square, each side of which is 10 meters. Accordingly, the area of macaw is 100 square meters.

Converting other values to macaws

Converting one value to another is easy. Consider what corresponds to one aru:

  • 100,000,000 square millimeters;
  • 1,000,000 square centimeters;
  • 100 square meters;
  • 155,000, 31 square inches;
  • 0, 01 hectares;
  • 0.1 decares;
  • 0, 247 acres;
  • 1,076 square feet;
  • 0, 0001 square miles;
  • 21, 96 square fathoms;
  • 0, 0092 state tithes;
  • 197, 7 square arshin.

Ar or weaving is widely used in all countries of the CIS, Indonesia, as well as several European countries. It is advisable to use it to calculate the area of small urban objects, such as parks. Ap is used when a hectare is too large.

Now you know everything about such a unit of measurement, like an acre, and you can easily apply your knowledge to convert other values into it, which express area.